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is it time for a cruiser?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by philbie, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Is it time for a cruiser?

    (1) screens on bikes stop the wind hitting my chest but the helmet buffeting it creates and the noise drives me nuts.

    (2) no screens = quiet and windy but the wind hitting the chest ain't so nice after several hours.

    (3) sports bikes are so small my knees are around my chin. I'm 6'4

    (4) Tourers sound like sewing machines but have great comfort and features but see point (1)

    (5) is it worth riding 5k's to work on a tourer?

    (6) v twins and p twins sound nice........but do they after many hours?

    i've owned:

    Suzuki Across

    Honda cbr600

    Suzuki gsx1400

    BMW R1150RT

    I don't tour, or do track days, i do day trips, and commute. and it's usually a dam fine day - not cold or windy. I ride solo and like to carry gear with me.
  2. Have you considered a larger screen (customise?) do you use earplugs?

    Out of the above models, did any particular style seem to be more naturally comfortable or are you wishing to sit more upright such as on a cruiser?
  3. i think you need to do a lot of test rides.

    all your last bikes were crap!

    dont mind me, im kidding.
  4. Its ALWAYS time for a cruiser!

    Get a larger or smaller screen. Some big-bore cruisers have enough wind deflection on the headlight alone, but you're tall (like me) so they won't cut it alone. I removed my screen for this reason, but if I was touring serious distances I'd look at getting one about 6" taller than what came with the bike.

    Strap something you can lean on to the pillion seat - sleeping bag often works if you have a sissy bar installed. The fatigue is mostly in your arms and lower back - this will assist. Failing that, try getting a back protector with a broad belt.

    I'm 6'5 and probably heavier than you. I had the same problem when sitting on various non-cruisers (and some smaller cruisers too - watch out for those Moto Guzzi's). Tucking my knees into the fairings was usually the issue. Some of the big sports/tourers weren't too bad, and with a control relocation kit I would have been OK on them.

    You can change the pipes to solve this problem, but a massive dedicated tourer (Goldwing, Electra Glide, etc) are very separate beasts altogether.

    Is it worth riding/driving 5k to work on/in anything? Get a pushie. My current bike would take longer to warm up than it would to actually ride the 5km.

    I love the sound of my bike. Earplugs that dampen wind noise will take the harsher edge off the engine noise too. You just have to choose a set of pipes that have a highway sound you enjoy, and it quickly becomes a soothing background rumble as you eat up the miles.

    Best way to know if you're ready for a cruiser is to go get one for a day and see if you enjoy it. If you don't, then it cost you a couple hundred bucks to find out. If you DO, well, you get to start shopping.
  5. Ok first thing - if you think you won't get wind noise on your helmet by buying a cruiser, you're dead wrong. I have a decent sized screen on mine and yes at highway speeds the ol' helmet gets as noisy as on any other bike. Riding without a screen on a cruiser is fine around town but if you do much touring or riding at highway speeds you'll really benefit from the screen as yes the wind in the chest gets exhausting.

    If you are going from a tourer to a cruiser you'll enjoy the cruiser. My last bike was a BMW K100RT and I love my cruiser. Took me a little while to get used to the more limited ground clearance when cornering (those floorboards can make some nice scraping noises :LOL: ) but I find it comfortable to ride and a hell of a lot of fun :grin: I'm 6' 2" and it fits me just fine.

    As for the sound of the V-twin - love it! You won't tire of it. I had my stock pipes modified and am putting aside some $$$ to get some custom pipes fitted.

    And no, perhaps a 5km ride to work on a tourer is not worth doing, but any amount of km's to ride any bike is always a good thing in my opinion :LOL: Better than leaving it in the garage!
  6. If you’re considering a cruiser and you plan on attempting to defeat the wind & the elements, imo you’re buying it for the wrong reasons.
    A cruiser is for cruising, making the torque propel you, enjoying the sweet hypnotic v-twin rumble, and feeling the wind on your face (as well as bugs/sand/other crap)
    Also a big plus when riding a cruiser is that you need not wear a leather outfit which makes you look like you have some bizarre sexual fetish.
    You can cruise along wearing jeans and a leather jacket and an open face helmet. Some may say that’s posing, but no, It’s just comfortable. You can go into a nice restaurant and sit down for a good meal without looking like an extra from Mad Max.
  7. Yes there's nothing quite like sitting down in a "nice" restaurant with a face covered in bug guts and road grime :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Why would you even go into a restaurant,just lick your lips and finish chewing the bugs and flies that you meet on a ride with a half face helmet :p
  9. always time for a cruiser

    I use a OGK full face helmet and the noise isnt very bad to me no worse then on my GPX250 anyway

    I road my bike when i bought it from Sydney to Canberra with no screen no jacket and the day hit a top of 25 deg i loved it

    unfortunally your not spose to be racing on the streets anyway so...

    i would prefer to ride my cruiser down to the shops everyday then not ride at all

    acutally with the standard exhaust on my XVS650 Classic i cant even hear it over 80 ks... a set of Vance and Hines should fix that problem :)

    I ride my cruiser every day to work and anywhere i can, unlike the GPX250 when i get off the XVS650 its comfortable and a pleasure to ride

    good luck with your choice of bike
  10. yeah, go for it. cruisers are great.
    dont get me wrong, i love sportsbikes, but i have to ride everyday as the bikes my only vehicle, and i love it.
    for a bigger bloke cruisers are better and you can always carry around a much smaller helmet when you have to go out or something.

    there are many different types of cruisers out there, it depends on what you want.
  11. Is it worth riding 5kms to work?

    Surely there is a longer way to work?
  12. I'm with you on the screens - no use unless on a tourer.

    So what's the budget?

    There are some kick arse but not real cruisy bikes out there, have you looked at an MT01? Still plenty of get up and go with HUGE torque
  13. I ride both a cruiser and trailly to work (about 70k's round trip) and I know when you are tired coming home from work, the cruiser is very relaxing and comfortable.

    saying that, it is so much fun buzzing on the trailly in the traffic, but I really try to use that on wet or "iffy" days.

    Which brings me to a negative of the (my) cruiser.(see garage)

    The reason why I bought my trailly was I found I was not riding to work on those "iffy" days because the slightest shower made the black beauty look like she had been out on the town and staggering home early morning, carrying her stillettos and worse for wear and ready for a good lie down.
    I couldn't stand seeing her like that so I got an alternative, long legged, sl#tty girl as well :LOL: :LOL: