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Is it the worst idea in the world?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by arjiebarjie, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Hey fam, a couple of weeks ago I got a new Honda CBR300R abs (first bike!) and I've put 400km on the clock.

    I was thinking about going on a ride tomorrow to see my family in Bendigo (from Melbourne) to show it off to them/catch up with some friends.

    According to my motorcycle handbook the running in period is at least for the first 500km so would it be the worst idea to have to sit on the highway for almost an hour doing 110km an hour on this new, not very powerful, bike? or will I be alright?

    Cheers :)
  2. You will be fine, just vary the speed, don't sit on the same rpm in the same gear the whole way.
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  3. Damn your short running in period....DAMN IT TO HELL!!!!

    (Says the guy with a new MT09 and 600kms to go in run in)
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  4. Just vary the speed somewhere between 80 and 150, if a cop pulls you over tell them vc from netrider told you to do it to stop it blowing up.
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  5. Truth be told, modern engines don't really require running in as such. As said upthread don't hold it at one speed in one gear for long periods and don't lug it at low speeds in high gears. A short burst of revs is much kinder to a new engine than being forced to climb hills in top gear. Just keep an eye on the temperature gauge and it'll be fine. Don't worry too much about the absolute reading but watch for any changes. A high but steady reading is OK (as long as "high" doesn't mean "jammed against the stop") but, once the bike's warmed up, a rising reading indicates that the bike's not happy and you need to get your wrist out of it for a bit.
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  6. Agreed, it's best not to sit the thing for 6 hours on exactly the same rpm, try and vary your speed a little. Apart from that, you buy them to ride them, so ride them... "I am running it in." is not a valid excuse that will get you off a speeding fine, but it's a perfectly valid reason to go for a ride... enjoy it.
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  7. Mixture of wheelies and stoppies should be just fine.....
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  8. I'll run it in for u
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  9. All the above is valid OR ...

    Don't take the highway, the twisty routes are better Grasshopper. ;)
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  10. If we could just include some advice on octane rating now this thread would entertain me for hours.
  11. Too easy.
    Kawasaki Ninja 300 Fuel 95 or 98?
  12. Any idea you have after using the word 'fam' is indeed the worst idea ever. You're a bad man and you should feel bad.
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  13. Cool