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Is it that f***ing hard to not walk into a stationary motorcycle?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Every day when I leave work, the first thing I have to do is adjust the left mirror because some twatwaffle has walked into it. It's a nearly seven foot long bright red sportbike, how inattentive do you have to be?

    It's not like I'm poorly parked, either. I'm just far enough from the kerb so that I don't impede the ability of people to open a car door if they park next to me (mostly out of self interest, admittedly).

    I mean, it's not a big deal, but it just makes you wonder.

  2. I get that shit from people even when I park on the road. They just walk along side it and clip the mirror.

    Much harder to see than the entire bike. Still annoying as sh*t though
  3. They don't let us park on the foot path in NSW, even if there isn't a post box in sight...
  4. You're not having a good day are you?
  5. haha once saw some chick, not on the phone, not carrying anything except a handbag, somehow manage to walk into a motorcycle, and she'd looked straight at it 2 seconds before, then the bike came off the stand, wobbled (my heart has just sunk into my belly and i'm starting to walk to the bike thinking faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkk), and then somehow, miraculously, landed back on the stand.

    it was like a BMW or Ducati or something too. one of the expensive ones.

    i couldn't believe it!
  6. I actually had a fairly decent day, I've just been forgetting to make this thread for months :rofl:

    The other one I've been meaning to make is "WHY IS THE ROAD SO ROUGH BETWEEN TRAM TRACKS. IF I HAD FILLINGS THEY'D RATTLE OUT, JESUS" :angel:
  7. My the gravitational force of your bike is so great that people literally get dragged towards it...
  8. Not gravity.

  9. This is why I keep all my bikes in a permanent state of decreptitude. Anyone who so much as brushes against them will be instantly marked with a potent cocktail of road grime, brake dust, powdered rust, UV affected rubber, chain lube and that sort of oil residue that makes you feel like you're coated in liquid sandpaper :LOL:.
  10. Shame you can't install a 10,000 volt proximity-activated security system.
  11. Tie a big German Shepphard to it...?
  12. As someone who owns a big german sheperd, this method doesn't work. Could easily tip it to either side, pushing or pulling.

    But at least he won't knock the mirrors :angel:
  13. I dig a moat around my bike every morning. If i'm not running late for work i add crocs.
  14. It's like dipshiits that open their car doors into YOUR car, and then leave it there rubbing your paint off while the fark about.

    Luckily my cars a bit of an oldie, but when I was sitting in it the other day and felt the car rock after a rather loud thump, I yelled out "are you farking retarded!!"
    The look of indignation I got staggered me, like "I" was the arsehole... People just shit me to tears! No respect, no clue, and allowed to breed!
  15. Always wanted to design/install such a device...
    One day...
  16. #16 Holster, Dec 17, 2010
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    You post reminded me of this clip [media=youtube]9nHzvVsTVnA[/media] :D
  17. I had this problem at work with push bike riders trying to put there bikes in the motorbike parking area ....but now I fold back my mirrors on the VFR .

    And someone keeps throwing the push bikes out in the rain

  18. Yer right mate, sounds like a bad case of itchy spincter to me. =D>
  19. we have motorbike parking at work and i must say bike riders are a pain in the ass. they cant just park in their lanes, and if they do they then wipe my mirrors out with their back packs.

    then there is the guy with the BMW (older model with ABS, id have to say the first model with ABS) this thing is a monster and takes up more then its fair share of space.
  20. I'm guessing you park near an intersection. It's the wallies that can't be bothered the pedestrian crossing!