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is it tall enough

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Puff, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I love my little sporty but it's completetly giving me the sh!ts at the moment. I miss cornering at pace that can't be done with virtually no ground clearance and the power would be described as ordinary at best.

    I'm seriously considering an FZ6 but wondered how it would suit given i'm 6'3'' or if there should be something that's more suitable (only interested in the naked market)?

  2. Street Triple R
  3. I would suggest a Street Triple (R version or not, both excellent bikes), or a Hornet 600 or 900 (I prefer the 900 - but I'm a little biased :wink: ) Both the Street Triple and the Hornet are excellent mid-level naked bikes.
  4. I've got a few inches on you and both the Striple and Hornet are perfectly comfortable.
  5. The Aprilia Shiver is very well suited to taller riders probably moreso than the Triumph, but the StripleR is a much better ride.
  6. i rode VCM's hornet 600 on sunday and fit on it no problem. i'm 195cm tall (bit taller than you).

    striple is a ripper, no need to say anymore!
  7. ok so far i've tested in order an fz6, an XJR1300 and a street triple.

    to say i was disappointed in the fz is an understatement. i took it out of the city up over the bridge, by the time i got to millers rd i turned around and took it back. i can't even explain why but this is the first bike i've ever ridden that i just wanted to get off - it just felt cramped and wrong.

    i saw the XJR when I was looking through yamaha and had to go to geelong to find one to ride but this was great. i didn't in any way feel cramped on the bike, the power was super smooth and for a big bike i was surprised it handled as well as it did. this bike is so comfy i reckon you could ride a couple of hundred kms and still get off feeling great.

    the triple is a fkn awesome bike. there's not really a lot more to say as everything was impressive. i get why you folks were pretty consistent with your feedback. my only concern is the riding position could give my back the sh!ts after a long ride.

    would like to get onto a ZRX to contrast with the XJR but I think the XJR is leading at this point.
  8. For me the ZRX1200 was much more comfortable (sitting not riding) than the XJR, but you're about 5 inches taller than me! Definitely give it a try though, it's a great looking bike.

    Have you looked at the Ducati Sport Classic range?
  9. Harley Davidson XR1200?
  10. Don't miss out on having a look at the Z750 / Z1000
  11. I am amazed that you are comfy on the sportser. A guy I work with rides a 1200, and it is way too tiny for me, (6' 4" and change)

    I say buy the street triple, and if after a while of ownership you find it too crouched over, either get some extended risers, or some different bars.
  12. another stripple thread. :roll:

    according to netrider the only good bikes are 675's h9's and zx9's :roll:

    theres plenty out there, just pic one that suits your riding/budget best

    fz6 will be fine for your height. im 6"2 and going to ride a fazer tonight so i will know for sure soon.
  13. You'd have to test the Honda CB1000 before making a choice. Never ridden one but they look the business and get rave reviews
  14. After riding the XJR I definitely made the decision that the bigger naked was the option. From a comfort perspective it was just miles better. The street triple was a wicked ride but felt overly aggressive for what I wanted in a seated position and 2 up would have been cramped for sure.

    I never got to ride a ZRX but did get the opportunity to sit on one in a shop. To gauge comfort I actually went from Yamaha on Elixabeth st, sat on the XJR, went 1 door up sat on the ZRX for a few minutes and then strolled a few metres to the GSX 1400 and through a leg over that and then repeated this little circuit a few times over a few days until I was sure. I'm pretty sure the folks in the Yammy shop thought I was a right royal tool for doing my own thing and not listening to what they wanted me to buy (that's the second time those folks have done that and not got my business).

    After doing all of this and taking 3 weeks holiday I was still sure what I wanted and will be picking up my new GSX 1400 tomorrow morning. :grin:

    Thanks for all the comments and thoughts people. Had I not been told to look at the Triumph, I wouldn't have seen the XJR and think I would still be umming and arring about a 6 that felt too small.


  15. Big twin cylinder motard. Want for nothing :)
  16. Suzuki FTW

    Only question now, I reckon, is how much riding the Harley will see... ;)

  17. Halelujah! another brother saw the light :)

    mate you have exquisite taste,
  18. Congrats on the choice of murdercycle Puff......and welcome to the world of the 14... :wink:
  19. hi mate. the sporty was traded but even if I had kept it i'm thinking absolute jack sh!t. I loved it but damn it's nice to ride properly again.