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Is it really inevitable???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bryce_k, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Yes, but only minor (no hospital)

  2. Yes, required hospital

    0 vote(s)
  3. No

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  1. Hi all, I’ve been riding for about 6 months and totally loving it. I ride to work so I ride pretty much every day rain, hail or shine. One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is "Is it really inevitable that one day I’m going to come off?" So far I’ve had a few near misses some my fault and some others (although I try to ride with the mindset that any accident that could occur I should be able to avoid), but I’ve never dropped my bike.

    Anyway I guess what I’m trying to ask is “are there any people out there who have been riding for a long time that have never had an off?â€

    I thought the poll I’ve made might be interesting....

    Anyway I hope this doesn't seem to Morbid but I’m just curious to know.

  2. might be good if there was
    "nope" as an option

    edit: cool.. much better
  3. Erm... There's no box for "Never had an off". :)
  4. That's ok, some of us make up for other so it all evens out in the end :grin:
  5. Or the box for, I slammed on the brakes because suddenly a big ditch jumped out at me and kind of half dropped half jumped off the bike then laughed at myself for being a dickhead, so I don't really consider that an accident, besides it was on a trail.
    Yeah, so where's the sort of but not really option?
  6. yeah,a bit of optimism would be nice :grin:
  7. oh, cool, lets do this one again.
  8. Are we including track accidents?

    Road = 0
    track = 1 (minor)
  9. riding on road = 11 years
    accidents on road = 0
  10. You need 7 offs before you're considered a real rider. I heard that, but I don't necesarily subscribe to it.

    Most riders will have some sort of off at some point. It could be a stupid drop in the garage or you could go sliding down the freeway at over 100km/h, it's got a lot to do with luck.

    Many riders have got into crashes which they could do almost nothing to avoid. One of the threads earlier had a guy rear ended whilst stationary, can't blame that one on being a bad rider.

    Balance of probabilities says you'll probably drop/fall off your bike at some point, although if you're lucky you'll never have an off.

    I've gone sliding on my bike once, it was when I took a shortcut through grass in the wet, right after a black spur ride. It was just a slight drop on the grass, no damage so all is good.

    I dropped my bike the first day I got it (first time I'd touched a bike on my own).

    I'd say I'm lucky, who knows.
  11. I guess me and Triway have a lot of work to do then.
  12. I have been riding for 30 odd years and had many offs (ex motox rider). most on the track, all that have required hospital have been on the track, but I have been lucky some of the ones I have had on the road have been quite fast and I have been lucky to just slide and not hit anything. Had a spill a few weeks ago but it was predictable because I was testing new motard tyres (on the track) and wanted to see how far they could go before they let go and well I found out lol, was just a low side so no damage done.

  13. Well I've spent time with a few Ulysses club members and I can't remember a single one that hasn't had an off.

    Myself, I've done the legally required stationary drop and I plan to keep it that way :)
  14. Sorry guys i thought i did have a "nope" option on there, i see there is one now, so all good. Im not really sure on including track off's because i would expect that the rate of off's would be somewhat higher than the road...but i could be wrong.....

    I understand that not all accidents are the fault of the rider but im just trying to gauge the amount of people that have had an "off"...regardless of fault... Definition of "off" You hitting the road surface/another vehicle/road furnature be it your fault or someone elses whether you jumped or fell.
  15. The last poll I ran was with a slant on whether learners should buy new motorcycles. I think it was about 70% of people dropped, crashed or otherwise rooted their first bike.
  16. Dress like it is and think like it is not.
  17. Riding - 15 mths
    Travelled - aprox 15,000km
    Accidents - 0

    ( Hope I haven't jinxed myself now ) :shock:
  18. I dropped it on a side street first time i rode it ( the fact that i didn't have my L's at the time might have been a factor), but no probs since then.
  19. riding 6 months.
    30,000 km
    lost 7 points,
    currently 3 months to go of a 9 month suspension,
    two accidents - lowside and ran off the road.
    full leathers, boots etc and i was sore but fine :)
  20. For me i look at it this way:

    Driving an average of 30,00kms/yr.
    Over 8yrs i've avoided countless accidents in the car due to my own awareness of idiots.
    All accidents were peak hour traffic bingles so only small stuff.
    I don't think anything major will happen on the bike. I think me dropping the bike to avoid an incident will be most likely at some point.

    Having an 'off' on the weekend types of driving/riding comes down to the skill and how hard you are pushing yourself.

    In the car i would go 70-80% of my limit so i always felt comfortable and had room to adjust. IMO I think driving/riding at a comfortable limit often sees you just as quick as other people. The braking, cornering, accelerating techniques are so much smoother. Perhaps that's just me? :?