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is it possible to get leather jackets altered?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by my03, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. hey guys, the sleeves on my jacket are too long, is it possible to get them shorted from both sides of the sleeve? eg- so the elbow protector fits over my elbow?

    if so where can i take it to get it done in sydney?

  2. In syd I have no idea where to takit butyes it can be done. It would make more sence I think to move the poket the protecter sits in than shorten he sleave though. My dad can tell you why your wrist should be covered. :)
  3. If you can find somewhere in Sydney that actually manufacturers leather clothing, ideally motorcycle gear, then they should be able to make any alterations needed.
  4. i just found on citysearch a men's tailor, it says its a leather specialist, could they do it?

    sean- do you mean just cut off the ennd of the sleeve that is not the end where your wrist is?

  5. No, that's not what I mean. If you cut off either end of the sleeve, then the sleeve will be shorter. The elbow protector should be in an internal pocket. That poket will either need to be sewn over at one end or moved up or down the sleeve to fit to your arm.

    Do you have a problem with the fit only when you walk aound in it? I'm asking because it should fit when you ride the bike. Spilled coffee doesn;t matter. :) OK, spilled coffee is a problem but it's not worth wrecking a jacket for. :LOL:
  6. Could be the way to go, if they're any good they should be able to unstitch the sleeves and shorten them at both ends so that the elbow protector fits perfectly - will depend though on the style of the jacket, it may just be easier to cut off the end of the sleeve and move the pocket for the armour inside the jacket.
  7. Do this or the sleeves will be shorter and ptentialy leave your wrists exposed when you give the road a cuddle. :wink:
  8. Ahh, but that depends on just how long the sleeves are doesn't it, if they're too long then it's going to be difficult to get gloves on properly. It can also make the sleeve tend to bunch up which may make the armour move from where it's supposed to be. :p
  9. Yeah of course. I only advised on the assumption that the jacket actually fits. If it's too long in the sleeves then it's an entirely different story. Of course, if it's too long in the sleeves, then my03 needs to decide if it's too big full stop and buy the next size smaller.

    Edit: Typos. The keys are too close together, Bigger keyboards would definately mean less spelling mistaques.
  10. when we go down 1 size in jackets how much shorter does the sleeve get? where is the sleeve supposed to finish? at the wrist of further down like wheere the start of the thumb is?

    also, is the end of the glove supposed to be tucked over or under the jacket?
  11. The sleeve should end at the wist where it meets the hand (ie just cover your watch). The glove should go over the jacket and just cover your watch. That would give about 1 to 2 inches overlap.

    Edit: this is in riding postion, not standing straight. jd & I on that basis agree on fitting jackets.
  12. Going down a size should decrease sleeve length by 1cm. With your arms hanging straight down the jacket sleeve should finish halfway between your wrist and your knuckles, this allows for the bend in your arm whilst riding. I've always put my gloves over the top of the ends of my jacket since this stops the wind from going up the inside of your sleeve.
  13. oh in that case going down a size wont help, the sleeve is a good 4cm too long....maybe i should get it tailored, will they know what to do or should i tell them to do someting specifically?
  14. OK. to answer the original question, get in contact with Dbt Leathers. 444 Hume Highway. Yagoona NSW 2199. ph: 02 97901235
    This is an old Sydney company who makes leathers, going back into the speedway days with Doug Tyreman. I'm sure they can help you.
  15. And to answer one of the latter questions, you're better off if the glove tucks inside the sleeve, that way if it rains then water slides OVER the glove rather than INTO the glove :)

    Disclaimer: Will depend on how water proof the glove is as to how effective it is.
  16. what if you need to make more room for... ahem... breasts! I've never seen a jacket made for a girl with a bust, it's not fair!
  17. Unless, like some of us, you're riding a bike where your elbows are actually lower than your wrists (gotta love clip-ons). :)
  18. Grrl, I'm just playing devil's advocate here. In my warped way of thinking, a bust in the jacket would create 'bumps' not a smooth straight surface so that if you were to go for a slide down the road (hard to imagine a slide face down but hey anything's possible in my warped imagination :shock: ) perhaps that would cause more friction to build up due to the not-so-straight surface area in contact with the road.

    Anyhoo.. tha'ts just my 2 cents. Plus secondly i figure if there WAS to be a bust on those jackets you'd have to deal with pervs like me stopping at lights doing the Joey-from-Friends "how you doin!?" :LOL: and surely you don't want that!!!
  19. My jacket fits fine?

  20. My jacket also fits well...custom made of course! :D