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Is it possible to get blown off by the wind while riding??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bluenightstalker, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. I'm not real big and when me and my little CBR250RR are riding on the freeway in windy conditions, I get blown everywhere and I have this mental image of me just blowing off or blowing into the path of a car in the next lane, it's a funny thought but terrifiying at the same time!!

    Is this even possible or am I just being scared for no reason??!

    :grin: :oops: :grin:
  2. You are worrying too much.

    Yes you can get blown about, especially if following anything with any size to it too closely. Just saty focused and let the bike move around by not going stiff when the wind blows. You will get used to it :grin:
  3. Thanks that's helpful!! Puts my fear a little to rest. I'm only a learner and would like to ride with other people that have these silly worries, if there's anyone out there that's scared of their bike in Melbourne, buzz me back and we should go for a cruise!!

    :grin: :oops: :grin:
  4. I'll go for a ride with you!

    My advice for dealing with a lot of wind (and take this with a grain of salt - I'm a total n00b) is bring your knees in and get as far over the tank as you can without taking you arse off the seat.

    I have found this helps heap when I'm going 100+. I look like a total mong but at least I'm staying in a straight line and don't feel like i'm about to be blown of the back of the bike :)
  5. Unfortunately it is entirely possible, and it has happened more than once though it still probably rates fairly low on the list of things that are out there to get you.
  6. Dunno about being blown off the bike, been riding a few years now in all sorts of windy weather and yet to see/hear of it happening, certianly you can be blown into another lane, very possible and would happen often, trick is to keep your wits about you and lean into whatever direction the wind is coming from. Yes you'll be riding at an angle all the time but it also gives you leeway in case a gust comes along and moves you off your line. As pointed out above, tucking in isn't abad diea either, less of you for the wind to hit that way.
  7. Wind is the worst. You are right to be concerned about the wind, especially smaller people on smaller bikes.
  8. I agree with mdundee, you won't be blown off the bike but the bike will be blown offline. I find I have to countersteer into the wind when there is large gusts.
  9. Not sure if 2 shit scared people out on a ride together is the best idea.

    Good Idea is to find someone with some experience to show you the way just till you get over your fears.

    As others have said the wind will push you off line but it wont blow you off your bike, even though it will feel like it at first.

    Best thing is to squeeze the tank with your knees, relax your upper body and your arms.
  10. Getting blown into the other lanes happened to me when I was riding home on Sunday. I was lucky though, there wasn't that many cars, so it gave me a bit of leeway. The car was the same, I just take it a little slower and lean into the wind, and tuck in
  11. Too fast on a light bike and I'd say you could easily be blown off the road - as opposed to off your bike.

    I had some big winds blow me around a foot on the weekend, going faster and thinking you could "ride it out", IMHO could see someone into a nice fresh wire rope barrier :shock:
  12. Re: Is it possible to get blown off by the wind while riding

    you need to relax your grip so when the wind pushes your body there are no steering inputs.
  13. Being small.. shouldn't that reduce the surface area the wind has to blow against you? I'm not small.. I don't really have that much trouble on the freeways.

    'Cept those freak gusts that come out of nowhere... those can shift you across the lane heh heh...
  14. Ok so it MAY be possible lol, I'll keep my head down next time it gets windy!!!
  15. I wish that I could get blown off while riding. It'd certainly make it that much more enjoyable....

  16. I can't believe this thread got this far before somebody said it!
  17. If someone could explain the physics and contortions required for such a task, I'm willing to let the missus try it :p
  18. Well, it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it...
  19. 'Is it possible to get blown off by the wind while riding??'

    I guess that's cause 'most' people require more than just the wind to blow to complete the job... maybe I'm just getting old...
  20. Back on topic if the wind is blowing from your left try holding your left knee out as far as you can comfortably hold it, it acts like a parachute and drags the bike back straighter. This will reduce the affect of the gusts of wind a little but it all helps.