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Is it Okay to be a 'Keyboard Jockey' ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dobbo, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Yeah.... I know it's not.:ROFLMAO:

    But what I have found over the years....

    Is it Okay to be a 'Keyboard Jockey' ??

    Well this week I have had to stay home with a sick child... so no riding... just a little tinkering on the bikes and plenty of internet time, researching and studying the forums.

    In 2010 I had a major off and was in doubt about getting back on a bike. I found reading ride reports and reading other's experiences regarding recovery from injury, helped me make the decision to continue on riding.
    I find the mix of new idea's and the old thinking fantastic to give me insight into riding styles /techniques.
    Having been on bikes for 35years now... I don't consider myself old or experienced... probably a lot of habits and luck have got me this far.
    Having got my licence before they decided to stick a photo on it, I just learnt by 'doing'
    but did a basic bike course in 2011 when I decided to get back on a bike after my accident, I found I had no idea of the terminology being used, even though I had be doing it for years.

    Regarding asking a 'serious' or 'technical' question.... I generally get an answer on the first page of the thread... after that it may tend to go off-track :eek:

  2. Netrider exists to connect riders, of all sorts and levels of experience. I don't believe any one of us could NOT learn something new and useful here, and not just once....
  3. Nothing wrong with being a 'keyboard jockey' if that's what circumstances dictate.

    At the moment I just don't have the money to do any riding other than the daily commute. Hopefully my wife either picks up more shifts or finds another job. Either way, until that happens, my riding will be severely curtailed.

    What isn't acceptable is being a 'keyboard warrior'.
  4. Keyboard Warriors, on Netrider, c'mon Mick surely not.
  5. Sorry, you're right what was I thinking.

    Everyone who posts here says what they mean and means what they say.

    No one would have a problem with having what they wrote put on a bill board for all to see.

    There are no anonymous people here. Everyone uses their real name (or at least part of their real name) and has no problem with others knowing which town or suburb they live in.
  6. with the knowledge that i talk without thinking about what the feck i'm actually posting half the time....Yes.

    my only concern with people knowing where i live would be the increased possibility of my bike being stolen (not so much by netrider members but there are probably just as many "guests" that visit the site)
  7. Not saying exact address, just suburb and town. Mind you it wouldn't be to hard for someone in Wagga to work out where I live and work.
  8. I do hope it's not the IT department at CSU.
  9. No it's not the IT department at CSU. Although I do know a few people out at the Uni.
  10. That's a relief. Could have been awkward. Some of the things that have gone through there have been ... not to my liking, or that of many other distance students.
  11. lol had to click show ignored content

    wow @grange still going on about me? i ignored you and your ms's....i can get over shit...evidently you cannot....if you don't like what i post - ignore me, otherwise get over it or just start reporting all my posts.

    & mick yeah i know what your saying it's just paranoia for me i guess.
  12. Maybe he fancies you. If they tease you they like you right?
  13. I can understand that. But I'm sure that if I was to visit the Penrith area (not likely) I could send you a PM and we would go for a ride.
  14. Or maybe, to quote one of my favourite movies, he 'needs to cut that shit the fcuk loose".
  15. IMO a keyboard warrior, in the case of NR forums, is someone posting with out actually riding, or owning a bike. If your a rider, then your not a kb warrior.

    A lot of people are pretty open about their real names, you see a lot of people addressing people by first names rather than screen names on here, e.g. paul for hornet, personally i dont unless i have met them off screen, and ive not met anyone from NR off screen yet.

    Which is lame, i have a one of a kind bike, yet im still waiting for someone to come up at belt me at a cafe for shitposting.
  16. Hrmmmm, I always thought it was being an obnoxious, pedantic @rsehole with poor social skills and little empathy for others
  17. eh i'm not gonna drag that shit out i've said my piece

    but yes i would mick and it is a tad frustrating seeing people with just "sydney" as there location considering it really is a massive place - if people put their suburb/area in then we could either notice we are local and go for a ride or suggest local mechanics/shops for them
  18. How do you want to define "rider"? Someone who will if given the chance or someone who just doesn't currently have a bike even though they're working on getting another one?
    I'm between bikes at the moment but should be back on two wheels by the end of the year. Are you calling me a "keyboard warrior"?
    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=keyboard warrior
  19. ....there's always that possibility if you own a bike like yours and do it no justice by hanging out at cafe's :p
    but i agree.

    i am known by most as crisis...even on facebook n by family members.
  20. Oh no. Please no. Not the 'Real Rider' argument again. ANYTHING but the 'Real Rider' argument again.
    *fingers in ears*