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Is it ok to use kerosene to clean your chains instead of chain cleaner?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by AznCruiser, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all, im after a cheaper alternative to chain cleaners..............kerosene is pretty cheap and isnt as bad on rubber as other alternatives..........my question is is it ok to use kero instead of chain cleaner?............or is this gonna eat the rubber rings?

  2. Kero is fine, it's all I've ever used.
  3. I hope it's okay as it's what I've been using.
    Read robsalvv's thread on the subject on chain cleaning, it's what he uses too.
  4. + 1 for kero
  5. nice, save myself a few more $$$...........adding up $ and closer to more ALDI beers :)
  6. i use $2 degreaser aerosol, spray on, hose off! easy peasy lemon squeezy
  7. I miss ALDI beers. Stupid backwards QLD laws (can't buy alcohol in a supermarket here) :(
  8. Thanks Brando.

    I just did the bike chain the other day. Kero.

    Did the bicycle chains too. Kero.

    Kero is king... makes you smell though. :)
  9. Back when I used to spend every spare minute up to the elbows in some dreadful mechanical lost cause I tended to scrub up at the end of the day using Gunk (pungent but non-caustic, UK market degreaser) and was, more than once, complimented on my choice of after-shave and asked what it was :LOL:.
  10. I get the same with septone these days Pat.
    The citrus one isnt half bad lol.

    I use a pressure washer on low pressure, and a brush with kero or mild degreaser, and another brush with soap to get the degreaser off... Or get Mrs Messy to clean it.
  11. Kero. It is all i use. It is what Yamaha says to use. I have never had an issues. I have even used petrol....At the end of the day, if its is going into some petrol for a minute and getting swished around it is not gonna hurt it. Dry it off after and lube well....
  12. The owners manual for my Suzuki also says to use Kero to clean the chain.