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is it normal

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by GYPSY50, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. i went for a cruise to the beach the other day. got home and the exhaust was popping, i looked at it and it had like a flame coming out of it!!! what does that mean?

    i hope someone can help me.

  2. un burnt fuel getting through to the end of the exhaust. Could it just be the mixture is off a little? But that doesnt explain why it would suddenly start happening....
  3. Did you get that Gypsy 2nd hand? how many ks have you done on it...you really should start thinking about re-servicing it just in case. I've already planned ahead to re-service my Jolie when she hits the 600ks mark or so (the techie said 900) but I'm not gonna take the risk. I've just hit my 108ks mark today (not much but I bought it with only 20ks on it).
  4. yes bought it 2nd hand. but i serviced it the next day. i mite ring the place i serviced it. thanks anyway
  5. NP...that's good that you've decided to do the re-service earlier yes it's overkill & might sounds a bit paranoid but like when you're feeling weird about your health it's better to erred on the side of caution (& really $.70 for a full re-service & checkup is a damn good deal, in fact it's better than a car). The 2nd thing that I'm worried about is to mess up my first ever fuel charge...never done it with a scoot before :LOL:
  6. my fuel cost was unbelieveable. $2.50. hahahaha its upseting cauz i cant have my weekly yarn with the servo attentant. hehhehe now its like not sure when i'll see ya next. hehe where is oz are you, im in adelaide. if your in adelaide did ya wanna cruise?
  7. the 6$ to fill my monza ( when i had it) was great feeling!

    then back again a week later.. for another $6...

    the gpx i got now takes 18 litres.. even then its sfa!
  8. you live in adelaide west huh. did ya wanna catch up for a cruise?
  9. hey buddy, i just joined the forums.. im newbie to the scooters. just hit 500ks on mine. had it a month or so.

    i see your keen on a scooter cruise? we should arrange something, i got two other mates who are always keen on a nice scoot.
  10. Hey Ace2 you reckon a scoot rider's qualified to do the toy run later on December this year? Should be a good & fun experience :wink:

    I live in the CBD area just 15mins away from Rundle Mall btw...
  11. our club did it last year, i couldn't make it, just had the engine worked over and need to run it in... they are doing again this year and i'm going for sure, with the all the bikes\scooters going, you don't get to go flat out, so 60 is a good speed....