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Is it normal to name your ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by KimViv, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. My recent new bike purchase prompted a thought when I'd just arrived home and the partner jumped on the back and promptly burnt a very large round hole in her right calf, causing an impromptu trip to the doctor for second degree burns. Ouch!
    As a result my new ride has a name "Blister"
    So, does everyone name their rides?

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  2. lol
    had to save it before you deleted it
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  3. Tigey
    Puppy (so called because it just followed me home one day)

    So I guess .... Yes it is.

    One bike I had was called "pooh" it used to cut out and misfire all the time (new bike) but by god it handled. So because it was a bit of a pile of sh*t but stuck to the road like sh*t to a blanket, it got nicknamed pooh.
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    hahaha I like those names...puppy and Pooh...glad I'm not on my own
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  5. Mine gets called a variety of names, the quality and number varies depending on whether I am riding her or Fixing her:p
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  6. It is absolutely normal to have names for our rides.

    I think some of us find it normal to talk to the bikes as well.

    What may not be normal is when some of us think that the bikes talk back. :D
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  7. I used to think of the Triumph as the 'crumpet-burner.' Either that, or 'sexy' ;)
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  8. My Street Triple is called Lucy (number plates were 680-LU when I got her)
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  9. Wasabi
    She is Japanese, hot and tasty, hard to handle and an acquired taste
    Oh and green colored ;) (I always overthink every decision in my life!)
    Sometimes she gets called the minja or the whinja as well.
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  10. Damn we got to talk more about this computer swap :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  11. I named my Yamaha r125 "Geoff"!!
    No particular reason, a nice enough bike... but its a lazy b'stard and only works when it wants to!
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  12. It's a bit obvious but I call my 659 Marvin (the monster)
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  13. CBR250R - Beatrix
    Ninja 300 - Cherry Lips
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  14. Mine's called a variety of names - "Start you fuckin' bastard" is one.

    It's getting tired, and needs money spent on it. But it's not gonna get it... I'll just continue cursing at the bloody thing until it dies.
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  15. name sounds about right, according to my wife at least :)
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  16. GREEN!? Man i need to get my eyes checked! :whistle:

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  17. Great shot! 8-|
  18. My matt black Monster is called Jezebel because she's a sexy harlot who you wouldn't take home to meet your mother.
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  19. I resemble that remark :wacky:
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