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Is it normal if...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jc212, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. I realise what I first perceived as 'casually reading up several motorcycle related forums and websites' is actually 'compulsively reading anything to do with motorcycles, not knowing that it is 4:42am'????

  2. welcome to the world of online forums, it gets us all like that at first

    dont worry man, when you get your bike you will spend more time riding it than anything else

    its just those bloody motorcycles are so damn compulsive, reading about them, discussing them, watching them & riding them
  3. Riding them is almost a religious experience to me.

    Well, it is when I'm not commuting, anyway. :grin:
  4. Wait till you start compulsively posting as well :LOL:

    You're DOOMED, I tell ye, DOOMED!!!

  5. Speak for your self Mr 10,000 posts :LOL:
  6. Welcome to the ADDICTION of Motorbikes
    and Great friendships made online :grin:
  7. I second that - i havent got one yet, but i cant stop thinking about it :grin: :cool:
  8. Is it normal if you got out the shower over half an hour ago, yet you are still sitting infront of the computer in nothing but a towel?
  9. Dam if it is !!! I'm still in the pj's & havent reached the shower yet lol
  10. breno and nixon-chic, you crack me up, this thread will get moved to the jokes section if this keeps up :LOL:
  11. onya hornet ;)
  12. No it's not normal. Normal is sitting here naked in nothing but a cowboy hat and a smoke....... ah now this is livin :grin:
  13. Nup, sorry. I'd rather the towel.
  14. hornet600 with 10412 posts in 506 days of membership posts over 20 times a day.

    I think he is OFFICIALLY ADDICTED. One thing I will say is that in the technical areas he does tend to make good sense.
  15. <<<< cant afford towel so throws Den Monkey a facewasher ..........
  16. Make it a small one :)
  17. rofl - that happens to me too!
  18. +1

    Currently sitting at my workstation, listening to music, waiting for time to pass me by...
  19. The towel thing is a cracker because I find myself doing that 90% of the time when I decide to look up some bike-related stuff beforehand in the shower :LOL:

    Relieved to know that it's a normal thing to be addicted to bikes, thanks guys
  20. ++1 :LOL:

    You know you're really addicted when you come home drunk at 3,4,5 in the morning and get online fill up the entire top 15 with your new posts and then sit there refreshing hoping that someone else will make a reply :LOL: :oops: