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Is it my colourful imagination...or is it real?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Untame_me, May 26, 2005.

  1. People, tell me whether it’s my imagination……

    For guys, have you noticed that whenever you stop at a traffic lights, especially at night and around the popular streets, the girls in high heels and tight clothes will prance across the roads with their head held high…………..it used to bother me, because I’m a girl, and they don’t seems to know that……..and the guys ignore me, or bit upset that the girls they are with are looking/prancing.

    However, now, that I got a solid fire red jacket, black leather pants and a lime green bag, no girls I found prance anymore.....……..but rejoice……..guys everywhere are attempting to establish eye contacts, waving madly from inside their cage, or looking at my bike, chat to me when I take my helmet off..……… girls, I tell you, it’s all in the colours……..hope the rain won’t stop pouring :p :p
  2. That was a very worrying post. I am of slim build and wear blue and white tailored leathers. My bike is blue, green and, errrrrr, pink. Could this explain why women fail to throw themselves at me whilst at traffic lights?
  3. Why do girls look so sexy on bikes?
  4. lol. There's no mistaking me for a guy when I'm on my bike. For a start, the bike is teal green, a bit of a girly colour. My leather jacket is silver, purple and jade, and with my hair hanging down the back, curvy size 10/12 bod and small feet I am very obviously a female.

    And yeah - that whole take-off-helmet-and-shake-out-hair maneouver is damn effective.
  5. Quite possibly.
  6. cause, like me nearlyempty, you're a twisted, bent, and dirty old man !!!
  7. Carry on...............................
  8. Some people call it target fixation whilst riding; those in the know realise its just perving. ;)
  9. I have noticed this "Prancing Behaviour", often struggling to stay focussed on what I'm doing. It's not easy.
    Don't want to drop the bike or run into something.
    Oops. :p
  10. LOL @ flashfire.... :LOL:

    RAFLMAO @ nearlyempty......(post below)
  11. Reminds me of my 'embarassing long-haired rocker days'.
    I used to wear tight jeans (of course) & this, together with the hair often caused more than a little confusion.

    I remember the time when one of my workmates, on spotting me from behind walking through town, leant out of the van and shouted "Look at the arse on that!".
    Imagine when, instead of the picture of loveliness he was expecting to see when this gorgeous creature turned round, it was me - complete with two week stubble.

  12. i get lot's of looks when I wear the dririder jacket - My missus bought it for her, but I'm to tight to buy my own.

    Let's just say my bust line improves noticeably when I put it on, and if I wasn't 6 foot and 80kgs, I'd be getting wolf whistles when wearing it.
  13. In purely a spinal sense, of course!
  14. Sorry, guys and gals but this whole topic is getting very worrying!!!
    But then again, I AM old!
  15. I had better schedule a ride thru town on Sat night then! :)
  16. rc36Honda, you are not looking, pay attention next time you stop at a light at night at a popular street.

    They cannot tell you are "old", they only see how big and loud your bike is......heheheheheheheh :twisted:
  17. all i get is mums pointing at my bike to their children :(

    i suppose some of the mums are hot...

    but they arnt prancing in heels!!
  18. Can you hear them saying:

    "See that guy there, if you don't eat your vegetables you'll end up like him!!" :LOL: :LOL:
  19. So, Untame, should I make my bike louder or quieter, I really need to know!
  20. haha.. and thats why kids don't eat their veges!

    although i did.. what happened... :(