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VIC Is it legal to ride in a damaged helmet?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dima, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. I sometimes a ride to my wife (as a pillion) around the block and always give her my current helmet.
    I myself use the one I crashed in.

    It still has the Australian Standards sticker, but no visor and is visibly damaged.

    I know it is not a good idea, but since I'm not riding with her often (maybe only once a month), far (just around the suburn) or fast (below 30-50kmh) I don't want to buy a second helmet yet.

    So is it legal to wear it?

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  2. Looks like the damage is on the right side so just make sure you go round the block anti clockwise so if you crash you hit your head on the non damaged side :p.

    AFAIK I don't think it is illegal.
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    I thought you were a new rider? What size head are you guys? I have a helmet which I replaced that has way less damage that you can have if need be as that one looks pretty rooted
  4. I don't think I've come across a law that says that the helmet must be undamaged.

    The roadrules require an approved helmet fastened correctly. It doesn't say that the helmet must be able to meet the standard's integrity requirements at all times... but then how much is your head worth?
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  5. I bet I can guess where this thread will go. Maybe not exactly, but the marvellous places we'll visit along the way will be thrilling as usual.

    Ignoring all that, it's an interesting question. AFAIK the law just says it needs to be approved, but I've never read anything about condition. Surely there must be something otherwise you tie a bag of helmet fragments to your head and call it legal if it had the right stickers, and that can't be right... can it?
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    Somebody will get banned because of a post in this thread $1.80
    This thread will go past 100 posts $2.20
    Somebody will get called beige $1.10
    Godwins law will be invoked $2.50
    Nobody lectures the OP about how dangerous what he is doing is, ignoring the fact he has already stated he knows how dangerous it is $150
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  7. As long as the OP doesnt cover the damage with a hammer and sickle and red star he should be okay :D
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  8. ^^Likes to stir the pot
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  9. eh just say the helmet was pushed along the ground by your kid or some shit...who cares it's only the odd spot of suburban riding - not sure on legalities though.
  10. I threw out one with a lot less damage than that. A cheap helmet can be had for $100. I would just bite the bullet and buy a new one.

    That said, why don't you just put a sticker over the damage or repaint it a bit. Then it won't be as noticeable.
  11. i know lots of hd open face doods smash the foam
    on new helmets so they sit low.

    nice new with shiny sticker but the internals
    are um reshaped
  12. Why are you asking the beige such a colorful question ?
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  13. Looks OK to me. What's the problem? :D
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  14. Not worth it (yet). As I said, I only ride around the suburb at less than 30-50 and very, very rarely.

    I also have more trust in the damaged shark than some cheappie :)
  15. Black marker, white paint marker and lime green highlighter FTW!
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  16. Can the police "defect" your helmet?! :eek: If a helmet has been damaged inside with no significant external damage, won't it be worse than one that is only superficially damaged on the shell? Hardly seems fair. If it is just down to the shops I wouldn't worry.
  17. Ha-ha. And the glue to attach the visor :)
  18. Easy test. Tap with your finger around the helmet. If it sounds hollow around the damage area its probably had the internal foam compressed. Then i would chuck it, if it doesnt sound hollow keep it and cover it (with some communist stickers)

    In seriousness my dad has had a helmet paint crack off like that through to the composite. Still using it no problems
  19. Doesn't sound hollow, but I'm sure/feel the foam is deformed.
  20. The helmet,not your head
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