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Is it just me?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tunelliner, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Over the last few months I've been trying out and practising different body positioning on my bike (whenever I hit the twisties), to see what feels most comfortable to me and to also practice my roadcraft. But it seems that after a while whenever I lean off the bike and push it a little harder, my riding seems to become smoother. Everything feels alot smoother....

    How much of the smoothness is actually because the tyres are getting to operating temp and actually giving me more grip? Or is it just some psychological thing ahha.

  2. I think you are starting to use bodysteering which is smoother than just countersteering. You are still countersteering but the input is less abrupt. Can we assume you are weighting the pegs as well?
  3. possibly...

    but even when I "body steer" it doesnt feel as smooth until after about 10-15 minutes of hard twisties work.
  4. Think of it as foreplay. It's feels better when you both warm up to the each other
  5. It's hard to say without actually seeing you ride, but by what you've described....

    With the bike balanced correctly through a corner, very little effort is need to maintain your line. Basically...the bike and you are more settled because you are working in concert with each other due to your body position, COG, etc. THAT'S what good cornering is all about, so it sounds to me like you've got that happening.

    Naturally...at the same time, your tyres will be nice and warm (with variance depending on ambient temps and air pressures etc.), further improving your handling.

    But really...I think it has more to do with your body positioning and riding stance. :)
    There is a sweet spot...and if you get that right for any given corner, both you and your bike will feel smooth, well controlled, well balanced, and doing it the easy way.
    If that does'nt happen, then you'll feel ragged, as if you and the bike are fighting each other through the corners. THAT'S very obvious, and you'll know immediately you are'nt getting it right, simply because it feels so right, when you do. :grin: :grin:

    Keep at it, matey.

  6. I think I know what your talking about. It usually takes me 10 min to get into the "groove" of it. I think once you stop having to mentally go through the motions it feels smoother.
  7. yeah i've found since i've started taking most of my weight on the pegs, cornering feels alot smoother - i can make tighter corners easier. COG is lower because of this i assume
  8. thanks guys

    thanks raven. I went for another mid-week blat again and everything felt so smooth. Just spent most of the ride practising different ways of leaning off the bike. Still haven't really found what I like and feel most comfortable with. Turning left feels natural and easy, but turning right and leaning is a small problem at the moment. It feels like I'm just leaning out and back instead of leaning out and forward.

    I hope to get it down pat by the time I hit the track in a few weeks or so. Be cool if I can get my knees down at QR lol.