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Is it just me? ...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by firefling, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Or is the level of English in regards to grammar, spelling and using paragraphs to make it more legible getting worse? :?

    Is anyone else having a bit of trouble trying to decipher what half the people are trying to say? That is to say, it takes careful reading and re-reading 3-4 times to work out the gist of threads?

  2. no eydia wart orr sawing sorry.
  3. Mee Kneevah :LOL:

  4. Agreed.
    Especially when they abbreviate everything and the proper spelling is only one letter or two more.

    Makes you appreciate someone who is literate a lot more :)
  5. TGFGS, hey? :wink:
  6. I blame Netrider :(........
  7. I blame Paul :p

    I think phones and instant messaging services / forums make people want to express themselves quickly, thus they abbreviate everything.
  8. Yep.

    I used to be a spelling Nazi, but now I've just learned to live with it. I use the common abbreviations on forums, etc, but I try to use the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation otherwise. I loved English in school! :grin:
  9. Qué se está divirtiendo es los que pueden hablar solamente inglés, maar zij houden van andere volkeren het spellen van Engelsen te kritiseren, eine Sprache ohne Rechtschreibungrichtlinien, una lingua che è fatta su altre 10 lingue.
    Um dia nós criticaremos a maneira que olham, un autre jour nous critiquerons la manière qu'ils parlent, ein anderer Tag kritisieren wir die Weise, die sie essen...:blah:
    Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? (R. King)
  10. 'sup,

    not too fond of spelling natzi's as forums are an informal environment.

    keep in mind that we all come from different backgrounds and engrish may not be the 1st language spoken/written.

    if you can't decipher it the 1st time...well, move along, nothing to see here.

    what makes me laugh is those wanksta's who try to impress with their dope sentences. :LOL:

    "peace out, fo shizzle ma nizzle fizzle drizzle, aight!"
  11. There was one bloke her that took shizzle ma nizzle to the next level, couldnt' understand any post of his! (can't remember the dude, he had a mini in his sig)
  12. HTFU! :grin:
  13. Fo' rizzle? Nizzle had a mizzle in his sizzle? well shiat.

    smee wins best post 60% content, 40% timing :grin:
  14. No. I just have trouble when some of our injured brethren post after taking a shot of their favourite alcoholic beverage with a full set of their best meds. :LOL: :shock:

    No offense to those to whom this applies. :wink:

    Oh okay, some people have nothing to say, but keep typing anyway. These are some of the most entertaining posts, especially if made with the assistance of alcohol and/or sleep deprivation. :p
  15. +1 :dance:
  16. As port80 and cookeetree have already stated, its mobile phones and IM (see there you go :p ) that evolved some peoples grammar etc.

    I thought I was bad, but when I seen some younger than myself chatting away, I was stumped at what they were saying!

    Perhaps were also getting older :p :wink:
  17. I forgot to add the bit on punctuation on the OP. I can understand abbreviating for the sake of mobiles and IM. I've learned to live that some people can't spell. But when somebody writes stuff that has absolute abysmal spelling and punctuation....a bunched up lot of words without any breaks then after 3000 words, commas appear after every 2nd word as if to compensate.
  18. not DavoDinkum is it?

    This is your brain.

    - "Redlight jam- to a wham bam mam" -

    This is your brain on drugs
  19. I can handle the bad spelling and even the abbreviations but what drives me mental is the complete lack of full stops or paragraphs it is really frigging annoying when you suspect a post might actually be of some interest to you but you really can not be bothered reading it because it feels like your eyeballs are being raped also I understand that NR is mostly males and males GENERALLY tend to have worse spelling and grammar than females but surely we all know how to make sentences and paragraphs.
  20. I find that there is a challenge in trying to translate street slang, colloquiallisms and the vernacular into plain English.
    I didn't particularly enjoy English as a subject at school, however I gained much more of an appreciation for it when I visited England.
    I fondly remember a quote from a movie in which Peter O'Toole plays a teacher in pre WWII China (something along the lines of) " a gentlemen says what he means and means what he says". Quite poignant, really.