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Is it just me...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Or does Peter Gabriel look like a very dodgy magician these days?

    I saw this on a billboard this morning...


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  2. Or possibly an amiable Satanist.......
  3. meh who cares he has a great voice
  4. or a hypnotist who does RSL shows. Peter Gabriel St James.
  5. but maybe he doesnt have a great voice, maybe he hypnotised us to think he does 8-[
  6. Did you just really post that or is the Schwartz playing games with my head... :eek:

    Edit: Peter Gabriel FTW - (y)
  7. Is it just me...or do other people also not know who he is and need to Google?
  8. It's alright. We're just having "chiild of the 80s" moments.
  9. Infant!

    Now get off my lawn!!! *shakes walking cane*

    Fun Ha!
  10. 90's kids winrar?
  11. HA.. Anton LaVey? ;P I rode from home (Geelong) to my 'local GP' in Richmond (I've contacted 20-30 medical centres down here in Geelong, I can't find anyone wanting to treat my chronic pain. I've been told I'm too complicated and that a doctor in his mid 30s preferred to treat elderly and young kids with coughs + colds.. Anyway) and I saw the billard sign off from citylink near the westgate/burnley tunnel. Had a laugh in my helmet, I honestly thought it was a sign for a magician myself!! Then noticed it was Peter Gabriel and thought that it's been a looooong time since he's graced us with the likes of Sledgehammer. Google tells me, 24 years!

    But funny how others I guess also think his sign is for a magician :p =D>
  12. Oh come on, seriously? You don't know Sledgehammer? Or his previous work with Genesis?

    He was the lead flaustist!!!!

    Yes, that was the exact billboard. Bit creepy wasn't it?
  13. I was a teenager in the 80's and I didn't make the connect at first either. Didn't realize from the photo it was that Peter Gabriel.

    then again I was never that impressed in the first place.
  14. Never heard of Genesis... :?
    And I think I've heard of Sledgehammer as a band but I don't know what they've sung/written?

    ETA: Waaaaaait a second...now I think Sledgehammer is a song... :?
  15. Yep. It's the only Peter Gabreil song I know!
  16. Surely you can't be unaware of Salsbury Hill or Jeur Sans Frontiers.
  17. you have seriously never heard of genesis??...young people these days!!..I dont know.
    Genesis was the band Phil Collins was also in. Gabriel was lead singer and collins was drummer/backing vocals. Gabriel decided to go solo and Collins took over the lead singer role.
    Solsbury Hill is a very cool song IMO
  18. Unaware, no... ignorant, yes. I'll see if I have them...

    Not to mention lead flautist.
  19. Nope. :)
    Have you heard of Armin Van Buren?
  20. funny enough I have :)
    My brother-in-law s a trance DJ too, so its only by luck I have heard of him.