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Is it just me or......?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Is it just me or do cagers take buggerall notice of your horn etc?

    Incoming rant ahead!!

    Two lanes of traffic turing left.
    Im in the inside lane, keeping my line
    Two cars in outside lane also turning, one behind the other
    All good so far nes ce pas?
    Then the two cars start crossing into my lane mid turn.
    Sound two long blasts of piss weak Honda horn.

    What happens?
    That's right they continue to enter my the lane I'm in
    I get a wave from the guy in front, as if thanks mate
    I peel back, bewieldered that they are still continuing to enter another lane!

    Are horns etc used to warn people?
    You'd have thought that they would have guessed there was someone they were cutting off and get back to their lane.

    This was tonight. Monday when it was 10 degs and raining, coming back from the city.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
    Thanks for your time. :grin:


  2. This is the key phrase.
  3. What rd was this on? I saw a VFR heading back from the city tonight...not surprised at your story - lots of idiots around in cars - seems to be worse when it's wet. Wasn't exactly an enjoyable ride home but you gotta be happy you got home in one piece.
  4. You may want to search 'Stebel' on this forum...
  5. Welcome to the Melbourne Metro area. In this location the horn means "I think you're a ****". Using the horn will only gain the reaction you'd expect from calling someone a **** so usually it's not ideal if someone's about to run you over. :wink:

    Next time use your brakes or throttle to get out of their way. This will keep you alive long enough to meet with them at the next lights where you can either remove the mirror they failed to use, slap their roof loudly or have them wind down the window to hear you call them a ****. :)
  6. 140dba of NOTICE ME NOW???

  7. im thinking of taking the horn off my car and fitting to the bike.. or just getting one from a wrecker.. no asshole in sydney thinks horns mean anything.. i was always a 'well that guy/girls just a dickhead.ill move on' but after finding out just how effective the horn on a 96 golf is its pretty much on from when i leave the drive till i get where im going. had an old teacher with a train horn on his valiant.. now you're talking.
  8. +1 :wink:
  9. oh i smphathise with you too well... i also agree my bike horn is shit useless. i went and bruoght a $25 air horn kit to experiment on how they work etc and decided the $25 kit had a pissy high pitched sound, though very loud. It was a short term thing until moving house and new job got busy, but i have a little time off now to get back into it.

    I wanted to install something like a truck horn or freight trainn fog horn, but it presents two issues, one is the horn sizes themselves are phyiscally quite big, and the compressor has to be replaced with an compressed air cyclinder.

    but imagen the possibilitys!! that nice big fog horn sound in the middle of melbourne CBD, everyone is looking, then i stroll through on my zzr250...!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. ill pay you to do it just to see it.
  11. i would gladly, just a few issues:

    1) physical size of horns, there's four. Maybe one will be enough, as long as its a deep note.
    2) all the pneumatics, need an air cyclinder and electrically controlled air valve and refil method.
    3)a little time.
    4)if i had it i reckon all i would do is drive around the city playing with it! :grin:
  12. 1 - 2 horns to front and 2 to the back
    2 - a ventura rack will hold the required plant
    3 - you dont need to sleep
    4 - would be days of fun... is human nature to scare people. :eek:hno:
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  14. lets group buy a few boxes and we can send each other signals from suburb to suburb.. nice swap over for those.
  15. I got the Stebel but the electromagnetic twin kit. Almost as loud as the nautilus but acording to reviews it lasts longer on a bike that the air one that tends to get damage because it is unprotected from the elements.

  16. I get lots of emails offering me a bigger horn... would that work, do you think?
  17. yeah maybe you could beat em round the head with it :)

    My dad went out and got 136db hi/lo horns for his BMW R65

    My sons (8 & 9) were in his 2 door tin garage when he showed us how they work.

    scared us all spitless, but he reckons cars swerve out of his way when he gives em a blast !!

  18. Coming from city side. left turn at Wells road onto edithvale road Aspendale gardens. just before the Frankston freeway

    I was even wearing a gayglo flouresent sash as well.
    What else does on need to be noticed.9 he knew I was there as I had been out of his blind spot. Blooyd daehkcid!!