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Is it just me, or...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. ...are there more lunatic drivers on the road today than usual?

    This afternoon I headed up Burwood Hwy for a short ride round the hills. Over the past few months of riding I haven't really come across that many idiots in cages, but today...

    Example 1

    I'm at the head of the traffic at a red light at the corner of Burwood Hwy and Dorset Rd, heading into Ferntree Gully. There's been a red arrow for oncoming cars turning right into Dorset Rd, now we get a green light and accelerate into the intersection - hang on! An oncoming 4wd towing a horse float (complete with horse) ignores the red arrow and hangs a right hand turn across 3 lanes of traffic (including me) and shoots up Dorset Rd. We all have to hit the brakes, and for once I'm pleased the Across isn't exactly a rocket off the mark. The passenger in the 4wd looks like she's in a state of shock - as she should be. The red light camera shot should be a beauty.

    Example 2

    A short while later I'm dawdling through Sassafras, keeping a careful eye out for cars swinging in and out of parking spots, and pedestrians in a Devonshire tea-inspired stupor.

    The Mountain Hwy comes in from the left at a T-junction. There's a Ford Focus there waiting to turn left; I'm approaching from his right. And out he pulls into my path...quite slowly, so I've time to get right up by the centre line and out of harm's way. At the last second he sees me, props, and the car behind him duly runs up his arse. I cruise past him and head serenely up the hill...

    Example 3

    On my way home, I decide to head down the Mountain Hwy. A Suzuki 4wd is stationary on my right, waiting to turn out of a driveway into the road in the same direction I'm heading. I see him pull out. Looks like he's going to stop at the centreline, then continue the turn after I've passed him. I've got eye contact with his passenger. Shit, he's not stopping, he's turning into me. I hit the throttle and just make it past his left front corner before he shuts the door completely.

    Is it a full moon or something? What on earth's going on???!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
  2. :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Welcome to the world of motorcycling. Its going to happen a lot, might aswell get over it now or it'll stress you into an early grave.
  3. Gromit mate I live up the hills and have done for most of my life and the one thing I learned pretty quickly is this...If the sun is out on a weekend DO NOT venture out too far because all the dickheads,tourists,learner drivers,plant buyers,and boy racer motor biker riders will be out in droves creating mobile road blocks and some of the most empty headed driving you could ever have the misfortune to witness... they are like bloody sheep and almost as bright...they are a DANGER to all who venture near.......mid week is the time to tramp around up here then it's only the old folk with no sense of speed and the odd tourist still lost in the clouds looking for the perfect Devonshire Tea.
    I'ts not always convenient but a shit load safer and less stressful 8)
  4. Yeah, I know - and I had a pleasant time cruising around anyway.

    I was more amused than stressed, except for the 3rd incident which just pissed me off. The Suzuki driver's probably telling his mates down the pub about the crazy motorcyclist who came out of nowhere and shot across his bows as he was making his turn... :evil:
  5. I'm still quite new to the forums and enjoy reading about all thats going on everywhere. These threads gave me a good giggle!

    Being in Nth Qld we look forward to the winter rush of retired caravan convoys, internation knob heads who drive on the wrong side of the road and millions of tourists enjoying our scenery at 40km an hour on our fun twisty roads.

    Dont you love the 'sorry I didnt see you' line!
    Ahhh bring on the winter!!

    Tina :D :D :D
  6. Funny how it goes in cycles eh.

    Most of the time it's OK, then on one or two days they all go berserk :shock:

  7. Realm and myself went on the scouting ride for the one that supposed to take place next Sunday May 1st. We didn't really see any idiots, not that we weren't looking. In fact the only idiot we did see was about 3 minutes from starting out and he was on a bike and passed me on the inside of a single lane roundabout. At first I though he was turning left then decided that he was going straight across, the same as me and starts to pull in towards me as with both get across the roundabout together, I was already changing down gears and braking so he was able to shoot past.
  8. Having just walked in after a day at Broadford and dinner with friends, yep it's a full moon out there at the moment :shock: :shock: :shock:
  9. I'm guessing you're a fairly new rider.. unfortunately, that stuff is normal :(
  10. I don't tend to ride on weekends, but I've found that European car drivers tend to drive around in some kind of dream.
  11. Yeah we were up there today as well grommit...and its so true a soon as the sun comes out look out..lol...l need eyes at the back of my head lthink :roll: . But still had a nice ride up there today.
  12. Mustve been that kind of day yesterday, had two cars heavily merge into my lane and u-turn infront of me. That crap has happened to me propably twice since i got my loud pipes about 9 months ago, then all of a sudden its all in one day.
  13. It's gotta be that full moon!
  14. Riding home along the Pacific Hwy on Friday night was beautiful. The sky was mostly clear except for a few clouds, and a near full moon. It looked like a scene from a postcard.

    Then reality returns and I start to pay attention to the surrounding traffic, the speedo (double demerits in NSW this weekend).
  15. Seems to be like the whole weekend, drivers went crazy. Almost had a car collect me side on when she accelerated at top speed to do an illegal right hand turn from Collins St into Spring st. :evil: Didn't even see me as when I freaked out and had to throttle it on to swerved past her. I was not happy :evil: :evil:
  16. That's normal up that end of town. I work up that end. I come up Bourke & turn right into Spring every morning. There seems to be an attitude that red lights don't matter. Pedestrians are even worse. They step out from the tram safety zones in front just as the light changes.

    The other interesting one is the trams that blatantly run red lights from Spring into Bourke. Often speaking on a mobile phone at the same time...I've put in formal complaints to the tram people (and to the transport ombudsman when I got no response) but never even had the courtesy of a reply.

  17. It's not just the drivers that have gone crazy but the wildlife has flipped out as well. Friday night, 450k trip, 3 suicidal hares running down the road, multiple rabbits and 2 kamakazi kangaroos both that crossed the road in front of me at the last second. The first one was only little, 3 foot, but still would have done some serious damage at 100 kays, the second I don't even want to think about the mess he would have made of me. Probably a 6 foot eastern gray weigh in around the 90kg mark, could have been very messy.
  18. Long weekends bring them out!
  19. Wildlife at night is a major problem. I try and stay on well fenced highways and roads when night riding in rural areas. Not so much fun, but much better than having an off caused by some critter crossing the road without looking both ways. Do you think we cold petition NPWS to install relfectors on animals that habitually cross roads?