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Is it just me or is there more un-marked cop cars

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sweeris, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Recently I've been seeing lots of people get pulled over by unmarked cop cars. Mostly in the last 3months. So is it just me seeing more unmarked cop cars or is there more of them going around?

    Sorry if this was a repost...

  2. I agree. M2 and M7 in Sydney seem to attract plenty for some reason :?
  3. Just you.

    Also consider the time of year, with the weather warming up, GP just around the corner, holiday season fast approaching.

    Situation normal
  4. No, I have noticed it... So did last week's thursday mystery ride crew who rode past myself being pulled over by a silver VW Golf !!!!!! :shock:

    Yes, that's right - a GOLF! Full unmarked cop lights and a plain clothed officer sitting behind the wheel... Dont worry, at first I thought it was soom hooligans who bought some lights off ebay but after he showed me his badge and card (after I asked to sight it) it ended up being ligit...

    As Charmed said, coming into the nice weather, GP etc, they're everywhere and not in the usual unmarked cars either :? :mad:

    Time to behave :p
  5. NO.
    You have just learned the fine art of spotting them.
  6. Hurrah.
  7. no he hasnt, he's learnt how to notice a undercover car with lights blazing, while booking a car already pulled over.

    the fine art of spotting them while still undercover remains elusive :p
  8. you mean EXclusive.
    Enough time on the frog-n-toad learns you.
  9. Beware the "Bland Sedan" ,especially if it has Antenna.
  10. New ford falcons with external antennas too. the factory antenna is within the windscreen surround.
  11. Lot of that about.
  12. You wont ever see towbars on unmarkeds either, good indicator when going past. I'm just generally cautious around the latest model Falcons and Commodores, still the most common around. Three antennas in total a good sign too.

    But VWs????

    Saw a Landcruiser with lights built into the roofrack/cage, now that's sneaky!

    Craziest thing I've seen is undercover in a VL hectik-spec.
  13. On the other side of the coin, I've been contemplating whether my Tiger's mirror-mounted CB radio handset makes any road users think I'm an unmarked police vehicle, on the chance it might make them behave more nicely around me.

    Haven't noticed any real difference in driver behaviour with/without the CB on the handlebars and my helmet wired to the bike. Maybe I need an external rubberduckie antenna mounted somewhere, both to increase hearing range and make it more visually "obvious". :-k

    Or are "we" the only people who notice vehicles with a concerning amount of antennae/nonstandard equipment and the Tiger's antenna go ignored?
  14. You know that's a leopard in your avatar, right?
  15. ive seen everything from monaro's to hyundai excels.

    and a local undercover car does have a tow bar. they use it to tow undercover dirt bikes which patrol the off-road trails around the area.
  16. I've seen 'em ticketing people all over the damn shop. It's not a surprise - they've been tasked by Brumby to lift the 'take' from $400M to $1B this financial year.
  17. Cheetah, ackshully. *nod* Note tear markings and spots, not rosettes. ;)

    The tiger would be the motorcycle. But I don't need to take lessons on feline specieseses from a burly-looking squirrel!
  18. if you live in Melbourne, they use practically all types of cars.
    if you live in NSW, it's a little bit easier. new camries, new commodores, new falcons as well as territories, mitsubishi 380s. though i have seen a bright blue rexxy STI with custom plates parked on the front lawn of the local PD, though from my understanding these more hotted up cars are for infiltrating street racing and hoon spots, not general traffic violations

    this is the telltale aerial, on the back sticking out of the boot panel crack.

    i wouldn't be surprised if half the police vehicles on the road are unmarked. i see a lot. which is good, when i'm not speeding, because fines are the only reason i do the speed limit and it's good to see all that boring driving pay off.
  19. Whatever, cat-person.
  20. I can spot the unmarked cars, first give away is the antennas and if I look carefully through the windows I could see the blue and white lights or if they have a suspicious dark window tint, then it's quite likely its a un-marked cop car. I've seen quite a few going around.