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Is it just me, or are these formus not what they used to be?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. The past couple of weeks has seen a marked increase forum trolls, spamming, flaming, pettyness, personal attacks, thread hijacking and general crap. The reason I signed up and stay at netrider is the laugh, the sharing of information and advice, teh community feel, and of course the riding. In my humble opinion, the very things that set Netrider apart from the competition don't seem to be there of late. Is it just me?

  2. It's just you ;).
  3. Yeah, let's have some laughs, please. We all have our personal agendas, but maybe no-one else wants to hear about them. (I refer to my own as well, just before anyone starts jumping up and down)
    HEY SPUD GUN, can you come to the Sydney Coffee night tomorrow night at Homebush Bay Brewery, 7-ish?
  4. like the sands of the hour glass... these are the days of our lives.

    (did i get it right) ?
  5. Yeah. I signed up to use the technical forums, to get some advice and to give help when I can, but have had some personal attacks of late.

    I suspect there are a few teenage wannabe riders in this forum of late.
  6. Re: Is it just me, or are these formus not what they used to

    where is the competition? please post link so i can sign up.
  7. I think it goes through peaks and troughs. There is the odd thread that will descend into mayhem, but for the main part the nastiness will be confined to that thread... hopefully.

    I love the tech forums and talking bikes, don't mind debating politics but don't usually get too involved at a personal level - too easy to be tough from behind a keyboard.
  8. Can't speak highly enough of the technical advice on offer here, but some people are very sensitive and you can't disagree with them.
  9. Meh, some people here are on extended "monthlys" if you ask me. The idea that anyone here can tell anyone else what to do, post, etc is dim witted at best.

    I've changed my posting habits a bit just so I can avoid certain dickhead elements and the pointless post that go along with them.

    Take a look at what YOU like and just pass over the rest. Remeber folks, this is just some forum, not the United Nations General Assembly. What we say mostly accounts for sweet FA. Stop taking each other so seriously.

    Have any type of day you please :D
  10. The tech and general riding advice is great, and the banter is generally good natured as well. But I generally try to avoid heated threads, and at one point that meant avoiding quite a few as many seemed to degenerate into a slanging match.

    Hornet, can't make tomorrow evening as I work in Chatswood and don't generally get out till after 6. Would be up for a Saturday or Sunday outing sometime.
  11. Good idea, maybe we should organise (semi) a weekend activity as well as the coffee night
    We will be at the coffee night from seven for quite a while so if you can call in do
    have a look too at the thread regarding an overnighter to Tamworth, first weekend of September.
  12. Been a memeber for nearly 2 years and it goes through these stages . Like Jake , i also have readapted the way i post so as not to inflame a situation . Or i just pay out on Jake , either way works for me :p :wink:
  13. Yeah, you have to wonder, after all if you want to slag off at someone, you can do it via PM. Or is it only gratifying if other people can look on?
  14. Well it works for us, doesn't it you old codger? :p
  15. god knows he deserves it :LOL: :p

    meh, its all entertainment. usual thing, if you dont like it, avert your eyes :wink: whinging about the whingers only creates more whinging and whingers :shock: but theres a fine line between expressing an opinion and whinging. take my posts for example, mine are all opinions, not whinging :LOL:
  16. NO! dont do that, its fun to watch and sometimes participate :D we need the shitfights, without them, we'd have to talk about bikes all the time..... how boooooring :roll:
  17. This kind of crap comes and goes. Just an observation but it appears that people get sensitive when you receive sh*t from somebody who you've never met before. I know I do. If I receive a ribbing from groberts, mouth, midnight etc people who I've met personally and know, I know that it's all for a bit of fun.

    However, if somebody who I don't know then thinks "ooh they're taking the mickey out of fling, that looks fun, let's get in on the act" and posts some sh*t up, I'd be thinking to myself, "who the fark are you to be giving me sh*t? Fark off ya turd!!"

    There's a lot of good natured ribbing around here, but some people take it the wrong way cause you aren't a mate of theirs.

  18. Never a wiser word spoken.
    :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  19. Maybe then we need to organise a national get-together day so the melbourne people can see that we northerners don't have two heads, or eat babies, and vice versa. I LOVE good-natured ribbing, but I don't think the forum is for people to vent their road-rage or their work-rage or their relationship-rage.
  20. Maybe, but there are jokes that are targetted to specific people and there are general jokes that doesn't offend most people. Most of the latter will get you in people's good books. Perhaps people should think twice (unless they know the other person will take it as a joke) when ribbing a specific person?