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Is it just me - am I the only one?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by b12mick, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. I just read the below post on FB from the MCC NSW.

    It struck me that I don't feel this way about complete strangers, regardless of whether they are a riders or not. I do not consider other riders as 'my brothers' (or sisters). I'm not struck by grief and I certainly don't feel sick by it. I do wish people would stop falling off motorcycles and injuring or killing themselves because that just makes it easier for the law makers to legislate us off the roads.

    Am I alone in this, or are there others that aren't effected in the same way as this bloke from the MCC NSW?

    "Every time I read about a fellow riders death I feel sick and deeply saddened, and I know each one of our Supporters and Followers react the same way. I feel for the brother, his or her family, the emergency services, police and ambos who have to attend and whose lives are changed forever. So many are affected by these tragic events.

    NSWMCC and CRS are doing all we can to make sure we are given a chance out there. It also means we need each brother to ride to his / her ability and the conditions – defensively – so you arrive home to your families and loved ones. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that in about 52% of cases, rider error is the root cause of all fatalities.

    As riders we are brothers, we are family in a sense. We share an experience that is unique. We feel the wind, hear the road, have a relationship with the environment and our rides in a way that no other road user does. But we are also the most vulnerable as we are smaller and therefore harder for other road users to see and have to contend with objects like armco, trees, road surfaces, fences, power poles, cars and trucks etc if we have a fall.

    So please take care, share our message with your riding partners etc. Make it a priority to arrive home safely.

    And as always please share your observations and ideas so we can continue our work to make it safer for all of us."
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  2. I feel the same way as you do. I don't consider fellow drivers brothers just like i don't consider riders in the same vein.

    Some people just feel the need to be associated with a cause / group / religion etc to feel a part of something. Some people just like cats. :sneaky:
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  3. OMG b12mickb12mick , that is so absolutely awful of you! We're going to have to arrange some PC training and education for you immediately. Your lobotomy will take place as soon as we can catch you.... ;)
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  4. I dont feel any sort of connection to other riders, however when I hear of a rider death it does make me stop and think about all of those 'what if's'.
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  5. Yeah I don't have any feelings of friendship or 'brotherhood' with others who share the same passion I do in motorcycling. If I did I'd probably feel the need to jump on to an anonymous internet forum to converse with complete strangers about said topic. ;)

    When I hear about a death I do reflect on it and get pretty cut up if it's relative to me.....as in, a guy recently got hit by a ute at the same time I commute home on the very same road and died. I ride past the flowers every day......
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  6. I feel a connection with other unknown riders for a brief moment when I'm on the road, and they give me a nod. If they don't nod - then no connection is 'felt'.

    As for reading news about a fatality I feel more saddened when there are children involved or children left without parents. Whether this be a rider, or a driver, or a surfer taken by a shark makes little difference.

    I care for people but I don't have the 'feelings' that are expressed as per your FB quote - the caring is more of a decision to want to be a caring person more than it is emotional founded. But I'm also aware that we are made up of many different personalities, strengths and weaknesses where different people are triggered by different things and have different reactions, so I have no problems with people who react differently - provided they don't have a problem that I react differently to them.
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  7. I think b12mickb12mick needs a hug.

    I'll give you a brotherly nod if I see you on the road, Fella.
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  8. I'm affected by another rider's death in the same way as any other person dying - sucks for them, obviously, and I feel for their families, and of course there's that sense of empathy (or even sympathy) given we face the same risks, but I'm not about to grieve a stranger.

    And that's ultimately what other riders are to me. They're not my "brothers" or "sisters", they're not my friends, they're not even acquaintances. They're just strangers who happen ride motorcycles. I don't feel any automatic connection to them, any more than I would someone who, say, likes sweetcorn or speaks Spanish.
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  9. Just a thought......the way he keeps referring to brother and sister smacks of religion. He may be deeply religious, happens to ride a motorbike and has shared his personal beliefs through the medium of motorbike riding. Context is so important.

    But concur, I don't feel this way. And when people deign to speak for me, I tend to lose interest anyway.
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  10. I like sweet corn
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  11. its

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  12. I feel for their families and for those that attend or were present at the time of the crash.
    I'm with you b12mickb12mick regarding the 'brother & sisters' connection, just do any big group ride, with a mixed bag of riders, bikes & skill levels, then you'll realise the brothers & sisters thing is just BS.
    Yes, i wave & nod to other riders, will even have a chat about bikes, seems to be trendy/ fashionable to ride a bike, bit like the tattoo scene..... not necessarily, that everyone should get one!

    This forum even encourages some people to persist with trying to learn to ride; however, l don't believe everyone is cut out to ride, which i also see out on the road. When these people get killed or badly injured, then i will feel for their families, but i don't want to be part of the reason for them being on a bike.
    I know this will bring out all the optimists, who want to encourage, provide the training and inspire..... but in my line of work, l often see the final result of those, that perhaps should never been on a bike & l think that others who have been in this situation may also realise that not everyone is cut out to ride.
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  13. .. and corny

    I agree with Mick, any death is sad. I don't feel any special 'brotherhood' with other riders, but I have been known to ride 1,000 kms for a Netrider Christmas event.....
  14. Jeez your missus must cook lousy turkey!
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  15. You're like a big brother to me b12mickb12mick

    maybe slightly less big than you used to be ;)
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  16. I am fairly indifferent to be honest, Mind I get pissed off when people get away with shit that kills people in general....

    but that may just be me.

    Knowing someone is different, to a stranger, I'm not that much of a vagina.
  17. I think I agree with B12mick, I really don't feel much at all when I hear of crashes other than a mild dread at what filthy misguided nonsense a pollie or safetycrat might decide to inflict on the world. It is rather a different story if I know the person involved. I believe this is not because I am a callous person but because I made peace with the ways of the world some time ago.
    It's their choice, it's their funeral; I suggest you ask yourself what is making you want to interfere? Why do you value their life more than they evidently do?
  18. She WAS going to invite you for Christmas Lunch this year but... :LOL:
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  19. Will there be stuffing?
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