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Is it illegal to have a tyre plugged?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Saspotato, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. I got to work today and when I checked my tyres I found a nail. The tyre is still good for now but I suspect it will be flat by the end of the day.

    Been looking into how I can get it fixed sometime today and I rung a place a few km down the road to me who told me it was illegal to have my tyres plugged. Is this the case? I have not heard this and in the past I have had no issues with getting a tyre repair.
  2. Without checking, so listen to me at your own peril, no it's not illegal. Many members advised me to just plug my tyre when I got nailed late last year, and 4 months later all is well. And easy to do yourself too, plenty of YouTube vids to help!
  3. Yea the kit is on my fiance's bike actually so if I haven't found someone by the time he finishes work (am waiting to hear if MMMTS is available :)) he can ride in to meet me and I can patch it myself as a temp fix before getting a proper repair tomorrow. Just was curious why this place would tell me it was illegal.
  4. I'll be cynical and guess it was 'cos they wanted to sell you a new tyre lol...
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  5. Haha I did get that impression as they said they couldn't quote until they'd seen it in case it was too damaged. Fair enough but that wasn't the question I asked. I said I knew how much a new tyre was but I just wanted to know a ballpark for what they would charge if it was just a repair and that is when I was told it was illegal though they did give me a quote but said they wouldn't give a receipt.
  6. Well if it is Illegal I am in trouble as I pugged my own tyre about 4,000 km ago......
  7. It's not illegal, but unless the nail is right on the 'highest' point of the tyre, it may not be advisable...
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    Yea it's on the highest point and I haven't ridden on it flat yet so I think a repair will be ok but if not I'll just get a new tyre.

    MMMTS is coming to check it at my work today ^_^ Very handy service.
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  9. Dunno what the situation is in Vic but in NSW they can patch a tyre from the inside up to two times (subject to the other requirements eg not on the sidewall or shoulder or inside a sipe). That kind of repair is also a lot more reliable than a DIY plug from the outside. I've had four done to two different tyres, cost $30 each time.
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  10. Plugging a tyre has been done successfully a million times. I've got $ that says 99% of tyre shops will talk bullshit to a newbie rider about how "unsafe" plugging is and refuse to do it just to sell u a new tyre
  11. Well I have only used Slipstream in Sunbury and MMMTS so far for tyre stuff and both of them have been great, can't speak for other places though but didn't get a good vibe from the one I rang today. I mean it's hard to trust a bike shop that thought a Street Triple was a scooter for one thing or pretty much rules out a repair straight up.
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  12. And thats where a lot of the nonsense about how bad it is to plug tyres or ride around with a plug in your tyre comes from, those with a financial interest in persuading you to replace the tyre rather than repair it.

    I can't seem to find anything involving legislation or regulations on tyre repair, but this from the Motor Traders association http://journal.mtansw.com.au/12/april/div_nb_april12.php

    keep in mind this note in the article: The following information was provided by a member in relation to tyre repairs. This is taken from an industry fitment guide and highlights that this practise must be adhered to when undertaking repairs to Pneumatic tyres - Tubeless and Tube type.

    which basically just means its an advisory from the people who make the tyres.

    But! it does state that a tyre can be repaired as many times as required provided the repairs do not over lap. Nor does it say that repairs can't be in sipes or tread valleys
  13. I have been caught out by this before actually when I had a car and needed a repair. I was told my tyres were so bald and unsafe that they were legally not allowed to let me leave the shop with my car until I had paid for new ones. I knew they were fine so I said I would call the police and he backed down pretty quick!
  14. Was this an Ultratune? they're quite famous for that line usually its get you in with a $39 service and then refuse to let you leave because your car is so in need of costly and urgent repairs they have a legal requirement not to let you take the car.
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  15. i don't know whether its illegal or not (I suspect not), but i've never had an issue plugging them - if you do it properly. In one case i got a nail in a brand new (literally 2.5kms on it) tyre, plugged and forgot about it until the bloke mentioned it at the next change. If done right, you'll have no issues for a long time.
  16. Nah not an Ultratune, was a decade ago now. I was 19 then and probably would have fallen for it had I not had my tyres checked not long before. Most mechanics are honest in my experience but a few really ruin it for others.
  17. Fair point, I was repeating what I was told by a mechanic (who, incidentally, specifically advertised tyre repair as a specialty and was putting a second patch on one of my tyres at the time).

    Also, it's pretty easy to see how these requirements:

    arrow-menu. The repaired area is within the maximum allowable dimensions and should maintain the tyre's original strength.
    arrow-menu. The repair should meet the manufactures requirements

    could translate into some rules-of-thumb that shops can use to decide whether or not to carry out a repair. Ultimately a shop will only do what it's willing to do.

    Of course, none of this affects your ability to buy plugs or patches and do it yourself. I've gotten a pink slip with a rear tyre that was wearing two patches and two plugs (one of them so fresh that it hadn't turned black yet). I prefer patches, obviously, but plugs are a 10min DIY job and I haven't yet had a catastrophic failure.

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  18. Yes not had an issue either myself that was why I was so taken aback when told it was illegal and thought maybe it's some new rule introduced. This particular tyre has been plugged once before about 5,000km ago actually, but they are doing construction at my work site and I picked up something new today :'(
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    Here are my guidelines for motorcycle tyre repair:
    - if you have a foreign object in your tyre and it is still holding air leave it in there until you are somewhere you can get it fixed/replaced
    - if you pull said foreign object and the tyre does not lose pressure it is probably fine
    - if the whole left by said foreign object is big enough to poke your little finger in you probably need a new tyre
    - if said whole is smaller than your little finger and is not on the wall of the tyre plug it
    - if you plugged the tyre yourself but it continues to leak get it patched professionally
    - if getting it patched professional cost lest than $50 they are probably just doing an external plug no different to what you or I could do for next to nothing/
    - if getting patched professionally cost $50-60 (depending on bike and how hard it is to remove tyres) they are doing an inspection and internal plug and patch. if they are charging more than this they are taking you for a ride.
    - you can plug a tyre as many times as you like
    - I was once told that there should not be more than 2 plugs closer than 20mm together as the strength of the tyre can be in doubt (I've never been that unlucky so can't confirm its validity)
    - Plugs in your front tyre are fine: You WON'T crash and die in a spontaneous and instant deflation of the tyre. at worst you might have a slow leak and notice the bike feels funny when the pressure gets low enough to notice.
    - You can plug a tyre as many times as you like
    - You can ride around on plugged tyres until they are worn and need replacing

    This is exactly right! A bike/tyre shop needs to stand by their work, and obviously if they deemed a repair unsafe and refused to do it that is there choice and completely fair, but if they are saying this to talk people into a new tyre which i just as much work as a repair only with bigger margins then they are a little shonky.

    I would imagine the company that sells the shops their repair equipment also provides some documentation on correct use and when to and when not to performa a repair for safety reasons. but there are certainly no laws about it that I can find.
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  20. The only problem I have noticed with repaired tyres is track days don't allow them or at least the ones I have looked into.