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Is it hard to get an insurance for Grey Import bike???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by scootergal76, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. I got my new baby today! Rang some insurance companies for insurance quotation. Then end up.................

    GIO - they don't insurance Grey Import

    RACV - Can't find the model of my bike in their system, even check with under-writting, end up --- Won't insure my bike.

    QBE - Can't find the model of my bike in their system again, Can't insure my bike.

    ARISTA underwritting agancy (found their ads on 2 wheels mag)

    - $426 a yr comphensive cover (rating 6) (even I been drive and insured more than 10 yrs)
    - $300 excess


    - $360 a yr comphensive cover (rating 6) (even I been drive and insured more than 10 yrs)
    - $400 excess

    Swann Insurance - a rude customer services girl told me they don't give quotation over the phone!!!!

    Any other bike insurance company I can give a call?

  2. When I had my zx2r i couldn't get insurance at all

    The prices quoted sound good to me
    I'm 25 on a category 6 and paying $1,100 a year! Rating 1
  3. Coz........ I am older than you :oops: and been driving for 10 years, 1 yr for bike incld L's, 7 months not incld L's.

    They said 2 nd year can be lot cheaper, cause I never insurance with them before, and bike insurance they only have category 5 & 6.
  4. Yep, whilst on L's for motorbikes it doesnt matter how long you've been driving for most insurance companies.

    Just checking that you've got the exact model of your bike right that your giving them, as in some systems its a Yamaha Zeal 250, in others its a Yamaha FZX250, and theres all sorts of combinations between which may or may not use the word Zeal. ;)

    I ended up going 3rd Party with AAMI, however im shopping around at the moment. Looks like its not worth me getting Full Comp quite yet, being an under 25 male motorcyclist seems to put me in the MAXIMUM DANGER WARNING category for pretty much every insurance company.

    Good luck and let us know what you end up getting insurance wise.
  5. i told them it's FZX 250 or Zeal 250, they only found the assie delievery 98-2000 model

    they only found FZR 250 which is your model.

    Yes you right, rider under 25 very expensive for insurance, even for car insurance.

    Lucky I am over 25, but bad luck not yet 30's, some insurance company do special offer for 30+ rider.
  6. As I have mentioned several times in these forums grey market motorbikes are harder to insure and you have less choice of insurers.

    Also be sure that you _tell_ the insurance company that it is a grey import, if you have an accident and you've let them 'assume' that it's actually an Australian model and then the assessor tells them it isn't they _will_ reduce your payout (and may even refuse to pay although that is rare).

    Of course the down side of that is that when they actually know it's a grey import and not an Australian model more companies will refuse to insure.

    *shrug* That's one of the things people need to take into account when looking at buying a grey.
  7. I had my Zeal insured with Swann for several years, so they do cover them. My insurance was about $300 a year, rating 1.

    BUT they don't do any insurance sales or quotes over the phone, you need to go through a Swann Agent to buy your policy. Lots of bike shops are agents, A1 was the one I bought my original policy through (but I can't be certain they are still agents) and Top Gear quoted me when Jay and I upgraded last month.

    They are normally fantastic to deal with, didn't have any problems with the couple of claims I put through over the years.
  8. And rightly so! I've seen how you ride! :p :LOL:

    $700 full comp for my GPX250, at 21 years. Quotes varied wildly though, I think I went with QBE in the end, tho I can't remember. Rating 6 I'm on... or RACV offered Rating 3 for $1200 (go figure?).
  9. I'll be needing insurance on my zx2r, does anyone know who definately insures them?
    age 20 rating 5 if its any help

  10. Yeah but yours was a Aussie delievery, 1998-2000, they got that in their system, but not 91' Grey Import 02 complianced
  11. The quote from AAMI that you got sounds quite reasonable.

    I'm with Swann on a Aussie delivered CB250. I'm paying $320 fully comp with 15 years driving experience. I'm a named rider and over 30, so my premium will be less that yours.

    IMO I don't think you'll get much better than what you were quoted by AAMI. I wouldn't waste time shopping around too much more if I were you.

    Make sure you tell the insurance comp that you are the named rider and if you don't want to let others ride your bike, you are the only named rider, this should lower the premiums slightly (however, it means no-one else can ride your bike and be insured).