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Is it good practice to rotate helmets if you ride everyday?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hongyi77, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I have only one helmet (really cool Shoei one which I love!) currently and I commute everyday and also weekend rides.

    Wondering if I need a second helmet to rotate, especially in summer when I will be sweating more. The helmets are expensive so I don't want to have 2 just for the sake of it. Also, I read somewhere that helmets only last 5 years if not dropped or crashed because the foam deteriorates in that time. Opinions?

    Also, if I do get a second one, is it a good idea to get the same model to share visors etc?

    Thanks everyone.
  2. All helmets deteriorate over time. Generally, the more you pay up front, the longer it lasts. I wouldn't expect a $99 helmet to last five years.

    If you have a really cool Shoei, odds are you can take the inner foam linings out and wash them. Some people wash theirs every few weeks, some never wash theirs in years of ownership =\

    Honestly, I wouldn't buy a second helmet. If you were looking at buying two, I'd tell you to lump the cash into a single good one (how much is your head worth?). Perhaps you could just buy new foam linings for you Shoei?
  3. I have one helmet and pretty much commute every day. Have never washed the liner, nor have they shrunk since I've owned it...which is about a year and a half now. I have sweat in them but to be honest, I don't notice any smell from it...maybe my sweat is just awesome.

    I mean if you can afford to have 2, then grab another...if you are more worried about hygiene, a cheaper option is to buy another set of liners so you can swap them out on a fortnightly/monthly bases...I think weekly is a little too much. I also believe, though without proof, that the more you wash the liner, the chances of deterioration is higher.

    ...I wonder if you can jam some "Sham-Wow" in there to soak up the sweat...that shit really does soak a lot of water!

    Regarding getting a second helmet, to cut costs with visors, then yes, get the same brand/model. However I think trying something different won't hurt (hopefully). It is only a visor after all and how many visors do you need? Visors are only replaced once a scratch is blocking your field of view, unless you run a tinted visor.

    They should really have wind tunnels when trying out helmets...at least then we can have an idea of noise level.
  4. I can definitely take the linings out to wash them but to dry them thoroughly, it will be out of action for a few days. A second set of foam lining is an excellent idea! I would like to wash the whole helmet with the linings out (have seen videos on YouTube) maybe after 6 months use. Foam lining definitely needs a wash due to make-up rubbing off it every day :p
  5. Have always wanted to try a Shark with the interior sun visor. But have heard mixed reviews. My helmet is a Shoei XR1100 and has 6 vents, very good circulation, might see how much the foam costs...
  6. Not worth it for a few reasons:

    1. i have the same helmet going on a year and a bit now, ive never washed it and its fine, and riding hard on very hot days is something i like to do, so its not like its never been sweated out. As far as i can tell, its perfectly fine.

    2. Over time your helmet will bed in to the shape of your head and become more comfy, not having to break in another helmet is a good enough reason not to buy one

    3. you can probably buy another lining for the shoei, they have heaps of spare parts for them on this random australian website that appears to be run by Shoei themselves, but is actually some random third party, anyway i dont actually know the name of the site, but i think someone will.
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  7. I find that when I rotate my helmet I can't see out and the back of my head gets cold.
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  8. Bastard!
    I was going to say that I recommend you rotate it the full 360 degrees, so the face-hole ends up back at the front...
  9. I had two. I only cut my hair two or three times a year. This meant after cutting a small helmet is appropriate, but a couple months down the track the small wouldn't fit right anymore and needed a medium.
  10. I have 2 but only use my Shoei-XR1100.......
    I also commute rain or shine and use the same lid for weekend scratching.....
    No rotation - never been washed.
  11. Have you heard the joke about the first motorcycle in Ireland??

    Some time ago an English rider was looking for new places to ride, and decided to ferry his motorcycle accross to Ireland for a holiday.

    The weather was good, the roads scenic and the people friendly and inquisitive. During a lunch stop our English tourist got talking to some of the locals about his bike. One local Irishman was particularly impressed, and was invited by the Englishman to take a ride on the pillion. So they rode.

    A short way on the ride, our Irish passenger hails the rider to stop, asking;
    "It's cold riding on this thing, do you have anything to warm me up?"
    The englishman responds;
    "Oh I have a trick, just take off your jacket and wear it backwards. The wind won't get between the zippers."
    It's good advice, and they promptly return to riding...

    A little later the Englishman notices his passanger has been quiet, and turns to notice there is no-one on the pillion seat. Distressed his passenger has fallen, the Englishman back-tracks.

    He finds a crowd of people near where the rider stopped to turn his passenger's jacket. His passenger is lying on the ground.
    "What's going on, is he ok?" asks the Englishman.
    "Oh dear, oh bugger me mate", says one of the locals,
    "We found this poor fella lyin' on the road, and he seemed ok.....until we tried to turn his head around so it was facing the right way."

    Ba-dum Tisch!
  12. I have different ones for different days.
    Track days or out playing with mates....... Shoei x11
    Cruisey days and long trips....AGV
    I have five helmets....Threw out two because they were getting pretty lose and hard in the foam.
    For mine it's not a decent helmet if it hasn't got a removable, washable liner in it...farken yuck. My mates love pissing in peoples helmets. Have you ever woken up incredibly hung over and put a helmet on that has been pissed in. Screaming, laughing and heaving all at once
  13. Just got a Rhok helmet (great deal on netrider), thank goodness for my small head.

    Checked out the cheek pads etc and they are so expensive!! A spare helmet it is, I have been wanting to try the Rhok helmets for a while, so this has just fallen in place nicely. Oh and the helmet is blue, which matches my bike :D
  14. I have 2 helmets in current use (plus 5 others that I've accumulated over the years).

    One helmet is a full face HJC FS15 which gets used most of the time, the other is a HJC open face that gets used around town in summer.
  15. Good buy! I saw that special but unfortunately no money to buy a second helmet :(. Just to let you know, the Rhok helmets are louder (by how much depends on your previous experience), so if you don't wear ear plugs, good idea to start wearing them...regardless of helmet :). They are a good helmet though, good fit for me, light weight and comfortable.
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  16. Check out the ls2...
    Much better helmet then the price portrays. Imo better then the shark
  17. no...
  18. I've got two helmets,one Large and one Small .
    Both smell pretty bad from lack of rotation.
    I might try to get out more.
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