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Is it going to rain?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by phongus, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Got this link sent to me via Facebook and thought it was a good idea to share it.


    love it...straight to the point :D.
  2. haha, i like it too.

    But its not very useful if youre not in Sydney :p

    is where its at ;)

    [edit]oh lol. all you have to do is click on the location underneath and type anywhere you want. Now that is neat

    UV?: National UV Index Forecast Map
  3. Yeah BOM is great :D...I like watching the radar...unless it has black spots then I worry about flash flooding.
  4. nah, it doesn't come up with the weather for where i am - not even for gladstone.
  5. it does do bundaberg though - only an hour and a half away lol
  6. Try: "gladstone, QLD"

    [edit] Its probably because there is more than one city/town called Gladstone (eg there is one in NSW), so you need to be more specific. You may find this is the case with other cities/towns such as Darwin.
  7. It takes the general area of your IP address.
  8. I figured, but since im 100km (ride) from Sydney, i didnt think it was a good indication. But then i realised you could change the location.
  9. yeah, but gladstone's not much help anyways. i'm in seventeen seventy
  10. so use seventeen seventy!

    "it will be mostly cloudy with a high of 23°c today in seventeen seventy, qld"

  11. When are we meeting in Gladstone and going for a ride up to the Mt Morgan range, to smash out a few laps?
  12. in january juzzydee.

    tim... how did you search for seventeen seventy? i think you're lying... i couldn't bring it up :(
  13. oh, and juzzydee, "smash out a few laps" might be going a bit OTT. i am a granny rider, like, really pretty much on speed limits. on roads i don't know, especially twisties, i'm below the speed limit most of the time lol.

    still wanna go riding with me?

  14. Figure of speech :p Mind you it IS a 40 zone the whole way through, so you might be hard pressed to stay under it the entire way :p But it's a good fun ride, and when a cruiser rider says smash a few laps, he certainly doesn't mean fast :p
  15. hahaha wiiiiicked :D riding with a cruiser might actually be a good thing for me!
  16. WOOOOOOOO! it shows the weather for agnes :D i now have favourited the site
  17. It's a winner...I put it as my homepage on IE...haha
  18. Its no good, apparently i live in the newcastle in england and i have a high of 6 today.

    edit: ah, adding ", australia" makes it foolproof.
    edit2: ok its really no good. its raining right now (just looked outside).
  19. not lying :p you need to put the state!

    so like this: "seventeen seventy, QLD"