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Is it Gixxer or Jixxer??? How do you say it???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stinkfinger, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Well there is a big "debate" about how you say Gixxer...

    Is it Gixxer: Said with a G as in Garage and Gas etc...

    Or is it Gixxer (Jixxer): Said with a G (or J) like Generator or Jail etc...

    :wink: :wink:

  2. Love your user name - brings back memories of this movie I watched a long time ago, Hot chick...... LOL!!!!

    p.s - as this is an abbreviation for the model GSXR - It would be logical to pressume this would be pronounced with a 'G" - GIXXER!!

  3. Yeah, but is the G pronounced like 'Good' or like 'George'. I have always wondered this as well.
  4. The only way I have ever heard it pronounced is "Jixxer", as in the G makes the J sound i.e "Gaol" (Jail).

    edit: Spud Gun, Like "George"
  5. I pronounce it as if it were a "J"
    Because i think of it as if you are saying the initials realy fast G.S.X.R

    and last I heard a "G" is pronounce jee like in gee wiz not gee as in Ghee (you know the lard like stuff made from milk fat).
  6. Gixxer: Said with a G as in Garage and Gas etc...

    That's how I say it...
  7. WTF! Where is this big debate?

    The term is derived from the letters g-s-x-r, and if said quickly (or just lazily) it sounds a little like gixxer.

    It is pronounced with the first letter sounding like a 'J' if you want stay faithful to the heritage...
  8. down the local the other night.....with all the gixxer boys :wink:

    it was a bit of a Jixxer anyway.... :LOL:

    if you say G S X R "fast" you still say the G first not a J
  9. I've always said gixxer with the g sounding like a J Ive never heard anyone say it with the G sounding like a G
  10. What?! I give up.
  11. Me too, until this thread started that is!
  12. I used to think it was G pronounced 'Go' as opposed to the 'J' sounding 'G'. Gixxer (Jixxer) just sounds like some character of dubious virtue. How is it pronounced fenetically? Is it G-S-X-R said as a word (4 syllables)? Or said 'Jix-er' (2 syllables)?
  13. I've only ever heard it said this way.

    Not really like it matters though, it's not a real word.
  14. While were at it !

    Is it Viffer or Veffer when saying VFR really fast ??? :LOL:

    No Kiwi explanations please !!
  15. I pronounce Gixxer with a F
  16. you say it jixxer and spell it gixxer

    love the english language....
  17. "Gee Ex Ess Arrgh"
  18. sounds :wink: like your saying it in slow motion
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    You got it wrong too!

    "Gee Ess Ex Arrgh" (GSX-R)

    GIXXER :)
  20. Gixxer with a Garage "G" for me