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News Is it Ever Okay to Sit on Someone’s Motorcycle Without Asking?

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Unfortunately, my father didn’t end up buying me a Ninja H2 for my first bike. He got hit with a lawsuit for embezzlement of pension funds and couldn’t afford it. So I’ve had to get a job and save up to buy a bike myself. Times certainly are tough.

    Anyway, on the weekend I saw the bike I wanted – a GiXXer(sic) – parked on the street. I sat on it and took a selfie to post to all my female friends on Snapchat when the owner came over and totally went off his nut at me! What goes? I thought all motorcycle owners were bros?

    Yours sincerely, Chaz McGuire.

    Hi Chaz,

    It’s good to hear from you again. Honestly, after your last email to us asking if the Ninja H2 would be a good first bike, we had low expectations on hearing from you again. Given your latest email that’s probably still the case but it’s nice to see you’ve managed to survive a little bit longer. Shame about your father, though.

    As far as sitting on someone’s bike without asking is concerned, yes, that’s generally frowned upon. The reason behind this all comes back to this funny thing called private property and the use of it without permission. Odd, I know.

    So, yes, the motorcycle community is a rather tight knit one where you can make friends by a shared interest in bikes – as long as you manage to respect social norms while doing so.

    Let me give you an example. If you were to come across an unlocked sportscar would you open the door, sit in the driver’s seat and take a photo? No, probably not. Yet for some reason, because motorcycles are open and exposed some people think that gives them carte blanche to touch, sit on or even more them. This is not the case.

    Most people will acknowledge that if a small child were sitting in a seat by themselves, they would not touch, sit on or move them. The same goes for people’s spouses – no touching unless you ask permission before hand.

    A lot of this comes down to people’s perceptions of motorcycles. Many people think motorcycles are just a toy and hence not really important – they don’t realise that for motorcycle owner’s, their bikes are their pride and joy. The same people who sit on complete stranger’s bikes no doubt would scream blue murder if they came back to their car to find someone sitting on the hood.

    So Chaz, no, it’s not okay to sit on someone’s bike without asking. Ever. Though I’m sure if you asked the owner they’d be more than happy to lit you take a photo to send to your harem.

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  2. Get_off_my_bike_large.

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  3. But given bots don't have wives, can our Bot sit on this without asking? Bot deserves it after becoming top poster of the month!

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  4. You can look, but do not touch.
    I'd let off at someone who was touching my bike, if permission was asked first no problems :)
    Plus, you wouldn't want to set-off a 2 way alarm.
  5. There are some great stickers out expressing this sentiment - i.e. this bike's for cruising, touch it and you're cruising for a bruising. etc...
  6. You can go to dealer and ask to sit
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  7. Even worse, to me, are the dopey parents who stick their wee kid on a complete stranger's motorbike, usually for the picture being taken. :-(

    The odd time I have seen this happen I'll tell the parent off, and, when they get huffy, remind them that there are lots of very hot and burnie bits on motorbikes.
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  8. Absotively not! However, as noted above, I barely have to think about saying Yes when someone asks me to do it. I'm super proud of my bike, so I like it when people want to sit on it.
  9. I don't ask to sit on bikes at dealers - that's what they are they for - to look, touch, sit etc. The exception is when one of the bikes has been sold, and most dealers are good to the buyer in this respect and put a nice big sign on it saying "sold, please do not touch or sit on" or similar.
  10. Its a strange thing to automatically think it would be ok to sit on someone's bike without asking first. I can't quite work out the thought process that leads to that conclusion.

    It is not yours. That means, don't touch unless invited or agreed. That would be the most basic reasoning and common sense starting point.
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  11. Would the average car drive be OK with a random person jumping in the driver's seat to see how it felt? Same question.
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  12. Short answer is NO!

    I want to own a Lamborghini, i see a convertible sitting on the street.


    Surely i can just jump in and start taking pics right, cos the ladies will love it when it's my Facebook profile pic! All Lamborghini owners are bros!

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  13. You know how wasabi is lowered, I was riding with a crowd and someone asked me about the bike and would it be suitable for his wife.
    Later the wife and husband came up to me and I said hey if you like come down and you can have a sit on my bike.
    When they said yeah we just tried it, she likes the height, I am not kidding, I felt like some pervert had just watched me pee in a private cubicle! I felt quite violated.
    Over reaction? My bike, my property, my soul is in that bike you don't touch her. Ever.
    And this was another rider!
    Jeeze I was mega pissed off. I had to walk off because I would have really lost my shit :devil:
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  14. No way. You toucha my bike, I breaka your face.....with my helmet.
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  15. I think it's ok to sit on "Someone's" bike; but not on mine :ninja:
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  16. NEVER ok to sit on someone's bike without asking. How would they feel if someone decided to 'sit in their car' without asking.

    Some months ago my wife and I were doing the shopping (see I'm a sensitive new age guy who likes to help with the home duties) we'd just parked the families bulk goods carrier (her car) and saw a group of young(ish) men taking turns sitting on a bike and taking photos - I yelled from the other side car park "Is that your bike?" it obviously wasn't "If not get the fcuk off it". They looked rather astonished/shocked and walked away apologising.

    When we got back to the car there was a note on the windscreen "Thanks - I heard what you did. Muchly appreciated - Steve - ZX10R owner"
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  17. Is this something that actually happens often? I thought it would have been a rare thing? Maybe I'm wrong?

    What's next? People parking along side a paddock and sitting on farmers cows? :)
  18. I've seen it maybe a dozen times around town in car parks and maybe half a dozen times at events like the local Toy Run where some random member of the public thinks it's a good idea. That's in the last 20 years, so no it's not common.
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    I think we're all agreed on this thread. That's a first!

    So to stir it up a little - I'm equally irritable regarding my car and what other people do to it - so for those few riders who think its ok to clip car mirrors while filtering (some seem to think its actually quite funny), this (to me) is akin to somebody clambering all over my bike. Its fcking irritating!! So if we as riders expect the great unwashed to keep off our bikes, maybe we should all try and keep from clipping mirrors and just pissing off inbetween traffic.
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  20. I can assure you I never accidentally clipped a mirror whilst filtering. Yes I have done it quite deliberately, but that was only out of frustration after nearly being killed by some fcukwit that quite obviously wasn't using anyway.