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Is it DEAD?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by benni boi, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Alright, i know im dumb, i've cryed twice cause today has been HORRIBLE so no negative comments please.

    Was riding my bike today going 120k's and its been low on oil for the past two rides, but i've had job interviews so i had to go, but i ahd no money for oil, even though there was none showing up i thought there would be enoguh to last me the week (since the gage was showing low only 3 days ago).
    Anyway was riding along the bike started sounding like a chainsaw had been thropwn in the engine, i shifted down two gears, no more gear changes.
    I am sure the engine has seized up and its dead cause it doesn't even change gears now, and when you go to strt it it starts but still sounds like a chainsaw. And the engine seems to jump and shake a little to, where to sparkies go in.
    If i put oil new oil in, which i still haven't will that save it?
    So answer me this

    IS IT DEAD???
  2. I'd say so. It sounds like the gearbox has gone critical and the rest is probably now eating itself. Too late to tell you that bikes REALLY need oil, so I wont. Sorry mate. :cry:
  3. Don't worry, mate, ZZR250's sound like that all the time!

    Seriously, it's not dead, but it's certainly not well. Lack of oil cooks bearings, damages rings and because the bike has a shared lubrication system with the gearbox, hurts the gearbox too.

    I doubt you'll get away with anything less than a tear-down and re-build, which is going to be "Ouch"

    You may like to check your wreckers and see if you can buy a complete engine and compare the price as against a repair.

    Sorry, dude, but I think you're going to be up for big bucks (a lot more than the price of 4 litres of oil anyway)
  4. put new oil in... run it for a minute... drain the oil... put more fresh oil in.. see if the damage hasn't killed it...you might be suprised... these little engines are tuff!!

    other wise keep an eye out in the local trading post... when peple wreck these bikes they go dirt cheep... and fiew people want to keep an engine so they might sell itt cheep... mate sold one for $500 after trying to sell it for a year.. (engine)
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  6. Am i reading right here?? You compromised your engine for the cost of a few litres of oil. Seriously, what a fool. Sorry mate but i work in the automotive industry and i here these sorts of stories all the time. So insted of costing you about $7.00 you might have cost yourself several hundred dollars. Well lets hope its all ok in there but it sounds ugly !!
  7. a new engine will be between 500 and 1k - 500ish for a shithouse one with 40,000ish k's on it, 1k for a newer one.

    Engine oil would've been cheaper.

    Coconut's idea is a good one.

    That or buy a GPX and sell the ZZR. GPX's are much prettier.
  8. BENNI BOI!!! NOOOOOOOO...... :shock:

    You know my number, if not you could have PM'd me, jeeez, for the cost of a quick question, I would have given you a coupla litres to top up the oil.

    AAAARRGH, why didn't you ask, if I didn't have some spare (which I do) I would have given you the cash for a coupla litres :evil:

    We're bike riders, not tintop steerers, we help each other :?

    Now get that Bike down here on a trailer THIS WEEKEND and we'll see what can be done. PM or ring for directions.


    I got a spare 25 cc bruschcutter motor we'll chuck in it.. gotta be better than a brand new kwakasucki motor :p :p :
  9. can anyone recommend a good book (or website) on engine rebuilds? Is there such a thing, or is it some sort of secret, ancient, art?
  10. nice of you to offer that Iffracem - benny I'd take up his offer!

    bikes love oil more than they love petrol... never mind, you'll look back on that clunky lil 250 one day and smile :)
  11. you are too kind mate. and yes benni we are all here to help..
  12. Is this an OFARC funded out-reach program? :LOL:
  13. Repeat after me.

    I A M V E R Y S I L L Y

    As already pointed out, anyone would have lent you a few dollars for some oil.


    The lessons that we learn hey.........

  14. Jeez, if OFARC had funds, I'd grab em and be well "outa-reach" by now.

  15. Holy Shit!!! :shock: Just in case Benni boi isn't the only new road user reading tonight let me make this clear. OIL IS NOT A MATTER OF CHOICE!!!!! :evil: :evil: YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!! :evil: :evil: NO OIL WILL fcuk YOUR TOY EVERY TIME!!!! :evil: :evil:

    Please, seriously, when metal bits move around at high speed they need to be lubricated or they eventually weld themselves to each other. If the gauge is anywhere below "high" then it could use a bit more. If it's getting close to "low" then it NEEDS more. If you don't have any oil, don't start it, even if you want to know if it will still start after abusing it.

    Also change oil regularly and don't over fill when you do.

    Benni boy, I'm very sorry and I don't want to make you cry again. I can see that you've had a miserable day. Don't stress. Put more oil in and see what happens. I don't like your chances but even though the gearbox is rooted, the engine hasn't seized (yet) so don't loose all hope. Just take this as an expensive learning experience and take basic maintainence seriously in future. With luck, others will be able to learn from your mistake and the forces of the universe will decide you've paid your dues and give you good karma. :)

    PS. Good luck with the job hunting. Have you got other transport to keep you getting to interviews?
  16. Good luck getting it sorted but you may have just learned an expensive lesson I'm afraid :\

    Just be a little grateful it's only a 250. A friend of mine learnt it in his dads M3 that he'd borrowed for a month. >_<
  17. Holy shit. Does he still have a dad??

  18. Holy shit is he still alive more like...

    Nah.. probably a company car or novated lease, a tax write off for those that can afford M3's

  19. Yeah still alive. Just a little deafer.

    The engine sort of pulled through (worked but didn't run quite right) but about 2 months later it was sideswiped while parked by a semi.

    The dad's now got an SMG II and the son has a mission brown Camira :p