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Featured Is it cool to move someone's bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nitrox72, May 20, 2015.

  1. Yes

    17 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. Walking through the Sydney CBD this morning past the motorcycle parking strip in Little Hunter Street (next to Australia Square) where I saw a scooter rider lifting parked bikes by the rail and shimmying them along to open up a space for him to park. I reckon this is seriously uncool (my disc lock is alarmed so it would be howling if he tried it) but I'm interested in what other's reckon?

  2. NEVER.
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  3. Nope!!!
  4. "Is it ever ok to move some else's bike?" Hmm... I would generally say "NO" but then again, what about moving the bike out of imminent hazard? For instance, if you will see a bike parked with it's kickstand slowly sinking into the soft soil, should you move it to a solid ground?
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  5. Unless it's lying in the gutter spewing oil out on the road, no, never.....
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    Yep, Seriously Uncool. NEVER.

    Exceptions might be as Siilk and hornet suggested.

    In Siilks example, I doubt I'd move it. I carry a little piece of aluminium checker plate on a string to use on soft locations in my jacket pocket. (otherwise a crushed can or plastic bottle can often work wonders). I'd be happy to give the person my side stand pad (I have several) - easy to make out of scrap. The string is to pick it up once astride the bike. No biggie.

    Otherwise, interference as the OP has suggested can be an invitation for a punching, depending on the temperament of the owner.
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  7. I had some window cleaners move my bike from where it was parked (under an awning they were working over) where they proceeded to coat it in dirty water and not move it back when finished... Very uncool to touch anyone else's property unless it's to do them a huge favor.
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  8. Generally, no. In the situation you've described, definitely not.

    There have also been threads about whether lifting up an (unattended) fallen bike and putting it back on the stand is the right thing to do or not. The consensus was also 'no' - the owner may not realise that there is damage to the bike before riding it away when it isn't safe.

    The situation you've described shows a huge amount of disregard and disrespect by the rider who lifted other people's bikes - the equivalent of getting into a stranger's car and driving it just so they can park.
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  9. This has been discussed before, in 99.9% of situations it is not OK, it is someone elses property. Sydney seems to have this issue more so than other places, congestion, lack of footpath parking and inadequate bike parking places drive the problem.

    If someone is so inconsiderate to park you in so you can't get your bike out then I would say that is an occasion when you can move their bike. Moving their bike to allow yourself to park is not ok.
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  10. Only bike I'll move is my housemates when he's parked me in and I have no qualms with him doing the same (our garage is crowded so there's always some shuffling).

    The other day I saw a bike parked just into a no standing zone while there was valid mc parking not two spaces away. Would have liked to be a good samaritan and get him out of a ticket but felt it's a huge taboo touching someone else's ride.

    Speaking of which there's a guy in one of the groups I ride with who can't help but touching other peoples (playing with the throttle, etc.) bikes at stops, really irks me...
  11. The answer the question is NO.. What if the rider saw you moving it and thought you were trying to steal it etc and proceeded to attack you etc
    If i saw someone grabbing my bike i'd assume they wanted to steal it..

    The best intentions can lead to the worst conclusions...

    If its not yours, leave it be..

  12. Yes and No...

    It depends on the circumstances. In the example you have provided - definitely not (unless there's something we're unaware of in such that they are all known to each other and have already expressed permission for others to move each others bikes although that's highly unlikely).

    However if someone parks their bike in a way that blocks others already parked from getting out from my perspective then by their rudeness and inconsideration they've just released the right to expect no one to touch their bike.
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  13. Thats not OK, maybe alright if you are good friends but otherwise you ask the owners permission. Is this person a new rider? In any case they should be worded up to not touch other people's bikes.
  14. The key point here, that was not in the original question but seems to have been assumed, is that the bike belongs to an unknown person.

    I'm quite happy for one of my mates to move my bike, especially if it's helping me out.
  15. As for the touching other peoples bikes, the saying goes like this...

    "Do you run your hands over my bike and I will not run over your hands with my bike"
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  16. I have heard of some exceptions in corporate parking where there is limited space. Everyone leaves their steering unlocked and it's expected to move bikes and park each other in. But otherwise no.
  17. The last time I touched someone elses (unknown to me) bike was to pick it up after it was backed into. Makes sense, rather than just let it lay there on its side spewing out all its fluids. I advised driver to leave a note with details, which they did.

    As for moving a stranger's bike, no.
  18. Even then I'd have issues with it. If anyone is going to move my bike, forget the kickstand/get the kickstand caught on something, and drop it like a retard I want it to be me.
  19. Bikes are like wives so unless it's yours - please no NOT touch. Feel free to admire the beauty, the shape and the curves but that's about it. NO Touching!

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  20. "Steal" his keys for a while...