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Is it considered uncool to indicate?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by UDLOSE, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Pointless rant - it seems every time I get on a bike (which is very rare these days) some 'safe driver' fails to indicate and would have killed me if I'd had any respect for them as a driver, but luckily I expect nothing from these oxygen thieves and assume that they aren't going to give way or that even though they have their left blinker on that they are really going straight (happened a month ago)

    I just don't understand how it is that only 10% of the people on sydneys roads are able to use their indicators properly, it's the most basic point of driving, takes absolutely no effort to do (unlike checking blind spots which is waaaaay too much to ask). So what's the problem then? Is it a social problem or they seriously can't grasp that if they want to turn off the road they need to indicate?
  2. Ps I'd like to add that I'm outraged that they have taken demerit points off fail to indicate!

    They don't want mum and dad to lose their licenses.
  3. In WA it's a bad idea to indicate when changing lanes 'cos it gives the driver hanging about off your quarter enough warning to plant it and try to block you in.
  4. Odd perhaps but this doesn't bother me at all any more. They've only ever been a suggestion in Sydney anyway and given the average driver's penchant for doing the opposite after indicating anyway I guess I just rely on other cues.
  5. And even if they indicate its usualy after the brake light comes on,so I am thinking why are you braking and O your turning as well
  6. Happens in Melbourne too...inconsiderate selfish bastards.
  7. Remember children:-




  8. you can't indicate when you're busy texting, mate, c'mon, be reasonable :LOL:
  9. I think it's still got demerit points in Vic. Only in the middle of the night in the back of beyond when there's nobody else around. In the middle of the rush hour in the city we only have to indicate on a roundabout if it's convenient.
  10. Use of indicators is a sign of weakness. Indicating lets the others know what you are about to do, thus relinquishing your control.
    Beteer to intimidate people by holding them at a disadvantage.
    Tough guys don't indicate!

    At least, that appears to be a rule of boganhood, mate.
  11. i threw a sandwich at a guy after he didnt use his indicator and nearly cut me off.
  12. Or we have a large number of people working for ASIO who don't want you know what they're about to do... it's a secret.

    Ever tried to indicate when updating your Facebook status or Twittering? Bloody hard unless you can steer with your knee or tongue!

    Beside the lack of indicating, what about these gems:
    • U-turns at traffic lights (*),
    • keep left unless overtaking (turning right 10km further down the road isn't an excuse),
    • mobile phone usage.
    * Yes, I know that U-turns at traffic light are included in the NSW road rules but it states "where appropriated signed". The only one I've ever seen "appropriately signed" in NSW was in Tweed Heads.
  13. I'm quite stringent with my indicating, because that's the way i was taught, and I have the same frustrations. My girlfriend does it a lot too, although her version is usually indicating once she's already started turning/changing lanes. She'll scream in outrage and freak out that no one is letting her in when she's not indicating anyway
  14. Its cool to pee your pants.
  15. it's the ones that do indicate that scare me. who knows wtf they are planning to do. would have to be some major manouvre to actually use the indicator for once, u-turn maybe.
  16. i'm kinda the opposite. i have to indicate or people get squished (even those shtoopid effing cagers) but half the time no-one believes i'm actually gonna make the turn.....
  17. If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis!

    I really hate when people don't indicate. It makes me really mad! I also hate when you let someone in and they don't do the thank you wave.

    Having said that, I get mad easily. I have little tolerance for many, many things.
  18. I'm not sure whats worse, the drivers who don't indicate at all or the ones who indicate 1km before they intend to turn.
  19. Australia and Australian drivers are the complete opposite to Finland when it comes to driving (and a few other things) ... maybe we should just accept that?!

    So when you're out there, imagine what an intelligent & well trained driver would do, then assume the opposite.

    We're in the country of the anti-driver ... being supported by our road rules, the stoic persistence that exceeding our mind-numbing speed limits is dangerous (while falling asleep from boredom apparently isn't) as well as the counter-productive training newbies receive :)

    I think we should drop all speed limits to a uniform 40km/h and then have a national lottery to determine who is given a licence ... no training needed as 95% of the driving population quite obviously forget any and all of the useful and good advice as soon as they get that piece of plastic ... thehe
  20. I was talking to a driving instructor a few years ago and he freely admitted that they rarely teach people to drive, they merely teach people to pass a test...