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Is it common to have someone push your pride & joy over?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. OMG, I can't believe it. I get home from work & my 2 week old baby is there laying on her side!!!!!! :evil:

    She was parked as stable as stable can be on her centre stand, there is hardly any wind so I doubt nature caused this unless there were tremors & earthquakes around the Greensborough/Eltham area this Saturday morning.

    The only thing I can think of is that it was pushed, now I doubt it was the neighbours as I haven't pissed them off with it (yet) and I don't have any emenies (that I know of) who would have done it.

    My thoughts are that someone may have wanted to pinch it as it could be seen from the street as both cars were gone. I positioned the bike so it couldn't have been moved without hitting the garden bed edges thanks to the steering lock - I wonder if a potential thief had a tantrum and gave it a shove out of spite.

    Is this common or am i just unlucky :cry:
  2. 1) By a shotgun.
    2) Get some camoflauge
    3) Hide
    4) Wait
    5) Aim and squeeze :twisted:
  3. Not real common I'd suggest. Could have been some kids wanting to have a sit on it but even then it would take some effort to upset the centre stand.
  4. Re: Is it common to have someone push your pride & joy o

    very uncommon, sounds like delinquents, the kind that rip ya letterbox off as they walk down the street.

    either that or you own a HARLEY :p
  5. Dude that sucks.....where abouts in greensy/eltham?
  6. I've had two bike pushed over incidents. The first was my GN250 which I'd left parked out the front of the house for about four hours one Sunday night. I came out to go to work, and someone had knocked it over, dented the tank (I think by jumping on it as there was a shoeprint in the dent) and then dragged it up the footpath to the front of my neighbour's house. I know it was only a crappy bike, but it was my pride and joy and I was devestated.

    The second time was my CBR600 which I parked on the footpath at the back of the store I worked at in Camberwell. One afternoon, a couple of kids decided it would be a great idea to stand the bike up and have a fiddle around with it on the stand side of the bike. They pushed it too far past the point they could save it and dropped it. The dumb idiots, though, were caught on camera (I always parked it under the security camera) and picked up again twice on their way through the store. As regulars, one of the staff knew who they were and chased them down for me and I ripped right into them. Stupid me, though, never followed up chasing them for money. That incident was the major reason I had an alarm fitted to the Duke.

    :D :D :D
  7. That's awful...

    Start asking around, especially your neighbours and see if they heard or saw something. People usually don't forget if they witness a bike coming down. Maybe it could have been their kids that were mucking around on your bike...

    On the other hand, you should have bought a bike which noone wants to steal or to sit on. Like an Across :p Or try booby trap your bike with a grenade, then no more culprits.
  8. At Melb Uni (Parkville Campus) there is an area that bikes are allowed to park. Its got warning signs up saying Park at your own risk, high wind area. Been going there for years and never seen nothing untill one day I was gobsmacked. Some of the bikes that I had seen on centre stands in the morn were over when I came back..................mother nature can be cruel.
  9. Cowboy I live in Briar Hill (Near the cnr of Mountain view road & sherbourne roads).

    I think I can rule out kids because she had a cover on which is quite unflattering. As for delinquents, it could be possible but we are talking between 9:00am and lunchtime on a Saturday morning, I would expect that sort of behaviour at night.

    Whoever it was had the guts to walk 25 -30 feet down my driveway but sadly I live in a very quiet side street and I have already asked a few neighbours who saw or heard nothing.

    Luckily (or should that be unluckily?) the only damage is the annilation of the entire right indicator and assembly that will cost me $35 to replace.
  10. i have had two knocked over. first was on st georges tce in perth. a car backed into it. but the driver unbelieveably left his details in my screen. the second time was at the F1 GP Albert Park in 2000. on it's side and this black duck was not happy!
    Now, I know you won't tell anyone coz to would be very embarrasing for me!
    It was the GP weekend. I rode the Kwaka GTR1000 to Cranbourne so I could join the ride, with several thousand of my closest friends, to the Island. After pottering around Cowes for a couple of hours I rode home to Heidelberg. My 16yo son asked me to drive one of his mates home, which I did. When I returned home, I backed up my drive, right into my pride and joy. Well, $5,066.00 was the quote. Have you ever seen a 60yo big tough RN cry?
    I get Connie back next week.
    I know you will respect this and not tell anyone.
    Peregrine - The Melbourne one.
  12. Tragic stories... its always been my biggest fear of parking in the city that some yobbo would push it over out of spite/jelousy.. my old BMW (car) got it badge stolen and key scratched all the time, but no-one has ever hurt my bike.... or there would be RAGE
  13. i sure hope its not a trend of any sort as i'm hopefully gettin an 02 cbr600f4i on monday 2MORE SLEEPS YAY :LOL:
    i would just cry if i found it on its side
  14. Hearing all these stories has made me think twice now, for the last 6 months I've been riding to every appointment, work, shopping, school and not even thought once that some moron would do that. I'm gonna be paranoid for the rest of my riding life now :?
  15. gosh thats really unbelieveable horrible terror.
    never thought of this things would happened.
    ehhmm...lil thought start buzzing around in mind.

    parked outside all the time, public accessed, stay up right every morning when i get to her or maybe because she's an acr...
    :LOL: :LOL:
  16. I've got a CB250N ('96 model) I bought last week. If I found it pushed over I would be devastated. I think the best possible way to try an avoid these instances when at home, is to perhaps put the bike away in the back-yard/garage/shed. Insurance is also cheaper if kept in garage/shed. Unfortunately, what you've got to watch for is when you've parked the bike away from home (eg. gone on a shopping spree). Difficult I know.