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Is it bad if my kidneys hurt after a rather large session?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Had a big session on Monday, beer, then champagne once the beer ran out. May have also been some black russians involved. I was pretty tender yesterday, and my kidneys were sore, like muscle pain you get a day after the gym.. Still hurting a bit today.

    Maybe I tried some weightlifting that I don't remember. I do recall being in the spa for a long period of time, and somehow managing to tear down some curtains...

    I think I should take a few months off the piss (yeah right)..

  2. I had the same thing yesterday from similar causes, and it's not the first time. Similar to a hard dirt ride without a belt, but not so bad...
    It should subside in a day or so, and your pee return to "normal" too - if either doesn't happen you know what to do...
    In the meantime, plenty of fluids, fruit and vegies...
  3. Drink a shoite load of water. I would say your dehydrated.
    Check your wee. Clear is good, a tan colour is dehydrated.
  4. And they will say "go and see your doctor". Hard to diagnose the cause of kidney pain over the phone.
  5. Man up, nothing here that a scotch or ten wont fix.
  6. older son just went to docs for smae thing, dehydration and muscle problem so anti inflamm and stay off the piss he said
  7. for a second opinion i too am a doctor.
    i am am telling you to drink more beer.
    because beer contains plenty of water.
  8. Cheers Dr MT, just the answer I was looking for!

    I put two and two together, spa for hours plus large amount of alcohol = serious dehydration. Probably explains the headache, wakeing up at 5am and drinking 2 litres of water (before passing out again) and the dizzines the day after too.
  9. dehydrated for sure!
  10. Dehydration... but seriously, if this is a regular thing you will end up doing damage to yourself and you might want to tone it down a bit. But **** it, it's worth it. Everyone's going to die one die, even the vegans.
  11. headaches, hang overs and feeling seedy the next day is usually caused by dehydration. Good to have a glass of water every 2 or 3 glasses of alcohol...or eat the ice out of your poison+coke
  12. Pffft - how's a man supposed to get stonkered drinking that shit?
  13. That is a fair point...if you're drinking watered down shots...drink it on the rocks or take shots.
  14. You'll still get stonkered - you'll just need to go to the toilet a bit more often.
  15. Forgot to mention, said session started cause a mate and I went to my rental property to vac the pool cause last shit head tenant floc'ed pool to get bond back and left it as is. That agent will not be managing my properties again. Anyway on route to property we stopped at pub, then purchased a carton for job at hand. I was out in the sun for a few hours working and sweating and drinking piss. So yet another source of dehydration.

    All fixed now. Just having a beer as I type. Got work christmas party tomorrow and we have a bad habbit of buying expensive red wine, so no doubt the experience shall be repeated.

    Got two weeks on HMB Endeavour coming up, albany to port licoln and she is a dry boat, so that will be my detox! Plus the 2 weeks leading up will be dry as well, as I will be doing the hours at the gym after not going for 2 weeks over Christmas!
  16. been there done that a few times. Its dehydration. Basically before going to ZZZzzZ after a bender skull plenty of water... your kidneys will thank you later.

    Prepare to run to the toilet in the middile of the night (or day as it were) and piss like a fire hydrant though!!!!