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NSW Is it any wonder some Police get no respect??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. A couple of years ago a major access road in our area, host to many industries (Industrial Road, duh), had its speed limit dropped from 60 kph to 50 kph after a lady who worked at the mail centre was killed off her bike as she waited for oncoming traffic, to turn right into work. Rightly so, even though the usual contempt for speed limits that prevails in Wollongong continued.

    Out of respect for the Law, and our killed sister rider, I always do 50 along the road; it makes little difference to when you arrive at its other end, after all.

    Today I turned into the road and glanced in my mirror (in the car, by the way) to find a current model Falcon about 1" off my rear bumper; I could scarcely miss the Police paraphenalia on top of the dashboard, so, as usual I droned along the road, doing 50kph. He stayed right on my rear bumper, plainly what he would in other circumstances penalise someone else for doing.

    There is a new multi-million-dollar Police station at the end of this road, and we are accustomed to Police cars being on the road, transitting rather than operating a speed trap. But this was stupid driving, and plainly designed to intimidate me.

    Then, as soon as an opportunity presented itself with a break in oncoming traffic, this idiot overtook me, again, something he'd have been happy to book me for if I had done it.

    He was not in pursuit; he was probably just late for the card game at the station.

    But, as I entitled the thread, it's no wonder people have no respect for the Police when this sort of 'do as I say but don't dare do what I DO' attitude prevails.....
  2. Given you have taken 2 minutes to post this why not re format approporiately and forward to the station commander. After all the squeaky wheel gets the grease....or we can only hope that is the case....maybe forward to the local MP also....letter to the for the Illawarra Mercury? Yeah maybe it will be ignored and maybe it won't. No use only whinging in a forum that is essentially preaching to the converted.
  3. I agree with the mercury suggestion. Out of curiosity, HWP or GD?
  4. I think you're giving him more benefit of the doubt than I would have. That kind of behaviour nearly always ends up in a ticket for the 'intimidatee'. Fortunately, not all plod resort to this.
  5. i'll take up the suggestion, thanks :)
  6. +1.

    At least you can get some sort of reply and an idea of what he was thinking... or not thinking at the time.

    Let us know how you go.
  7. the car was plain grey, no markings, only the gear on top of the dashboard gave it away, the driver was not wearing a hat.
  8. Not enough respect for them to go and report it? Me neither... :(

    Err, had this cached accidently.
  9. Do as i say, not as i do!
  10. If you have that much detail (re car type, driver/gear on dash etc.) plus time and place then the local plod should be able to ID the officer. If you send a letter/email to the station commander and indicate your letter has been cc'd to the local MP and paper then I think at the least the station commander will have to formailse their reply to the officer involved, given they would be able to ID them without much diffuculty. And if you don't get a response indicating it has been passed on then that is what the Ombudsman office exists for. This sort of stuff happens alot and the reason it still does is because people don't access the right avenues to formailse their complaints. Cheers, Burnesy.
  11. And in a place like the 'Gong, what are the odds that Paul becomes a marked man REGARDLESS of the outcome?
    Sometimes, without the badge, bitching's all we got.
  12. Given you ask, the odds would be very very very slim of that happening. Especially if it was noted that the letter had gone to other agencies.