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Is it any wonder people buy on-line?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. are you saying thats cheap or expensive or what?

    methinks its time for a tablets gramps... you've stopped making sense again :D
  2. meh. These days with politicians (I know thats a four letter word but I still count more than 4 letters .. ) trying to control your every bodily function its more a surprise that some people still dont recognise the old phrase caveat emptor. Just cause its online does NOT mean its cheaper.
  3. He's saying that after a few key strokes he's found one new for half the price.

    For a while I tried getting a quote from a shop alongside the online quote, in the hope that if it was close enough I could spend my money with the shop rather than online, but I've given up trying. I've got my own business to run - my own household, which is on a lower income that a lot of people in shops - so it's online for me now. When it come to the big stores I rest easy in the fact that many of them starting doing the same thing a few decades ago - purchasing cheaper from overseas rather than buying local products - ruining many local industries and jobs.
  4. And its still happening.

    I recently bought a new camera lens. I was looking for a decent price and couldnt find one in a store. I could have bought from o/s but just didnt want to. Instead I settled in the difference .. ebay from a mob in Melbourne.

    When it didnt arrive as promptly as I expected I queried what was happening. They then gave me a tracking number. It turned out that even though they said the item was in Melbourne it was actually being drop shipped from Hong Kong. Ruddy liars. All turned out well .. the lens is as fantastic as I expected, but people are people whether you are dealing with them face to face or online. You always have to look for the controls .. the backup you have if things turn pear shaped.

    Purchasing 101.
  5. Hornet, I just purchased these exact ones, they work amazing, 100% perfect.
  6. Hi Paul,

    For the Hornet 250 there are numerous instrument clusters available from Hong Kong as well for the same prince. For examples:


    From what I've previously read, the deal with these is that they are after-market items made in China. People have bought them and found that they basically don't work - speedo and tacho reading too far off etc - and sent them back for refunds. The ones you've linked to look almost identical and are from the same seller, so I think it's safe to say that you are looking at the same deal.

    Please see this thread for more information: http://www.hondahornet.org.uk/messageboard/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=15459

    I'm not saying they won't work - Rolkus' apparently work perfectly. But be aware that you are not buying a genuine part and that there is a risk involved.

  7. I wouldn't ask ANYONE to play guinea-pig for me, but that's really good to hear, rolkus. I'm a bit worried that the site says '00 model onwards, but I'm taking the computer to the bike tomorrow to compare the picture with the existing binnacle, and if it's the same, I'm buying.

    As to it being non-genuine, the Hornet's got 158,000kms on, it's not worth a cracker to sell, so what have I got to lose???
  8. yep, its cheaper but there is no way to know if its oem or not,
    and its not the dealers that are expensive but the manufacturer.

    there isnt a great margin
  9. Don't let the dark-side of ebay purchases tempt you hornet, that speedo is marked with the number of the Beast.

  10. :LOL: I hate to tell you this but my Netrider Membership number is 1666 :LOL:

    I KNOW the binnacle is not OEM, but it's COMPLETE with everything for half the price of the back cover which I'd given up on replacing because it's over $300. Besides, I can claim to have a genuine low-mileage 1998 600 Hornet if I fit it; I guess the odometer will read 000000 instead of my current one that reads 158,678 :LOL:
  11. agreed - I bought an extended charge battery for my htc from hong kong last week- ( basically Chinese garbage it turned out to be ) - it fit into the phone but then I could not get it out - had to basically damage this battery to get it out - then to get a refund because it doesnt fit I would have to send it back to hong kong undamaged - the postage at my cost to get the refund is just about the same price as the battery .

    I do a lot of trade with Taiwan and those people and that country is great in what it produces and they are honest and the goods top grade quality

    however dealing with China is fraught with pitfalls - soon as they have your $$$ they seem to not want to know about you or any problems you may encounter, this unfortunately leads to painting all Chinese with the same brush.

    My experience - bought a led tail light assembly for my R1 - it fits okay but the electrical wireing loom attached to it is about 8 inches shorter than the factory one and as such is not long enough to join the main loom - the sellers response ( after the paypal/ebay warranty period - where you can put in a case for product not as described of 45 days from purchase) was to cut and extend the wires - WTF - why not fix the problem at the factory or stop selling shit you know has defects.

    However in dealing with western nations that have sourced Chinese made goods the westerners will stand by what they sell and do the right thing by you if there is a problem is my experience.

    In no way am I racist or biased ( one of my best mates is Chinese and he is the one that warns me about Chinese products all the time ) - I am just being objective
  12. Simple fact. Aussies businesses have to pay Australian award rates, taxes, rental etc & etc. The only way that we can compete is either having the balls to tariff imports, or telling Aussies that they will work for $1.50 an hour.

    Only two options. So stop whinging about prices and make a decision on what type of society you want.
  13. Although I do agree, many OEM parts now are also Chinese. Some are top quality items, while others are absolute garbage.

    In my work I had to deal with an issue with Chinese-made car strut bearings locking up, causing heavy steering and noises as the bearing slid on the spring plate. I pulled the worst one apart and found that the bearing race wasn't big enough for the balls, so they were locking into each other instead of rolling.

    I got them to change the race diameter and tighten up the tolerances on the machining operation, then the warranty for these strut bearings went from being the worst in the company (globally) to the best, and the Yanks were all over us, trying to find out how to do it too...

    The point is that the Chinese usually need a Westerner to tell them how to do it properly, but once they've had the issues fixed, they're often damned good.
  14. My experiences with chinese manufacturers

    1. First thing ALWAYS asked " how many do you want"
    2 They look at what you features didnt ask for and exclude it from the design ( cutting thier own manufacturing cost to increase profit margin because they still charge you the same ) until your left with a watered down product of your original idea.
    3. You ask as I did for embossing - they push an alternative onto you which has a greater margin in it for them.
  15. Or cut out the outrageous middleman rates which in many industries are unnecessary.
  16. Good hornet, i buy a few parts myself online and most of the stuff is oem,got a set of brake pads for my honda, nissin pads original for $100 from a guy in Melbourne.
  17. A post-industrial society that make its money in other ways.