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Is it always like this? (melb city)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Meph, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    I live Altona north, work in Laverton north, so its safe to say i rarely go to the city, especially during the day. Now our majesty has me commuting to the city for Jury Duty, and when im out and about in the city i cant get over the amount of bikes/scooters, they are everywhere!

    Is it always like this? i mean even when it was raining bikes were everywhere, sadly though i've only seen one or two in actual riding gear.

  2. yep. normal
  3. Dead normal.

    It's great isn't it?!!!

  4. Normal man..... :grin:
  5. is it?
    the more people on bikes, there more people will fall off. the more people that fall off, the higher the insurance premium.
    is it still a good thing?
  6. oh good, so it was just me.

    In terms of it being a good thing, yes it is. The more bikes around the more people in cages get used to them and start looking out for them properly.
  7. I like to avoid the guys in business suits on the scooters. They ride like they got nothing to lose.
  8. Yes because there is more people paying said premiums. :wink:
  9. Where's this going ?

    I mean .. I've got to ride a 250 for half a day soon as a loan bike and I need to know if should buy some 501's to fit in with the fashion police?

    Just kiddin....

    Although the guy on Police road yesterday on his Hyoshtoong who was too fixated to nod ...he can get fooked along with his Adidas trackpants. Got heaps of nods lately and it's great :grin: Happy Springtime peeps !

    Scooters ... well yeah. Not motorcyclists most of the time...
  10. Ride in to city-avoid traffic congestion, usually park out front of where you want to be, pay nought for parking


    Fight your way through traffic, get to park in a high rise shoe box, for an exhorbitant fee, then do it all in reverso :evil:

    You do the maths :-k

    I basically NEVER drive to the city. My personal order of preference to the city is bike-public transport-death-then car.
  11. It's definitely increased over the last few years though. No doubt come summer the numbers will be ridiculous :shock:
  12. I do my best to promote motorcycling to the young folks :wink: cos u know how they cant get turbo cars and stuff no more :LOL: :cool:
  13. Well what do you want - a limit on bike riders? Less popularity. Safety in numbers mate - the more out there the more cagers see us. Or maybe that's not a prob in Warrnambool. It is in Melbourne.
  14. In the last 12 months I've been riding there has been a huge increase in bikes. When I started I could park out the front of work on Collins Street and maybe there would be a bike near mine. Now I have to ride past a handful of bikes to find a spot.

    Out the back is totally packed, directly out the front is full so now I park on the other side of the street where there are no 10+ level buildings.

    Personally I think it's great.