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Is it abnormal

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rolski, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. I obtained my bike a couple of months ago now, is it abnormal for me, to still me be staring at it like I just got it yesterday, my wife thinks so, chilli's her name, not my wife,..the bike image.

  2. I am afraid you are a lost cause, welcome to the club. Every bike I have ever had has made my heart lift when I open the garage and there it is. Even the oldest clunker.
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  3. I hear ya cj, rode down to Thredbo a couple of weeks, thought I'd be a bit sick of it after that, but no,still awesome, doing the central coast 1 dayer blackdog ride soon aswell, can't wait!
  4. Quite normal behavior, no need to even take 2 aspirin and call a doc in the morning. Nice bike name btw!
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  5. Ahh it took me a while to work out the name thing,lol, I'll let my wife read yr post mate, it's good to know I'm normal, my lovely wife thinks I need therapy.
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  6. No matter how long I've owned a bike, I always catch myself glancing back as I'm walking away after a ride. Even when I was riding a little 125 through Vietnam, sure she was a rental but for three days she was 'mine' and I looked at her the same way.

    (My wife sometimes quizzes me when I've been in the basement working on the bike for too long: "Were you actually working on it the whole time, or did you just stare at it for a while?" Smart lady, my wife.)
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  7. Perfectly normal. I've named it (Finch) and call out to it every time I go out to the garage (Finchy!). I snuck out for a ride today and every chance I get. (I'm not normally a sneak!) I spend far too much time on this NR site thingy reading about bikes, drooling over future bikes and wondering what the hell is wrong with me. Other than being too short to for most of the bikes I drool over.
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  8. I would find it abnormal if seeing the bike didn't spark some feeling in you. A bike, like a nice car, should fill you with emotion and make you smile :)

    Then when you get that all too familiar nod from other riders you know that they know that you know that they know how awesome a bike is!
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  9. Funny man jaytee!
  10. I can join u in the short club golden, have been thinking of spending the big $ and buying one of those custom made Corbin leather seats, they drop the seat height by 40mm, would make my sweet ride even sweeter.
  11. Thanks for all yr supportive posts guys, solid hard evidence to show the Mrs now , I don't need therapy.
  12. Ahhh RolskiRolski . I'm a lost cause. Super short. I'm tiptoeing on my 125. :(
  13. Oh well mate,Just as long u can throw yr leg over that two wheel machine,yr laughen all the way to the open roads of this great country of ours!
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  14. Oh snap........so true.
  15. I travel away from home during the week to visit some client sites. Miss my bike so much I sometimes stop at bike shops just to look at others! First thing I check when arriving home on a Friday is old KT!
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  16. Mate if you really need to convince her, my wife's a psychologist. And she rides a bike too... :)
  17. Thanks! Will look into it!!! Will have to show off new number plate :) image.
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  18. PSYKCPSYKC that's brave! But pretty awesome too. Definitely have a look at the ride. I need a better bike, and many more hours before I can even consider it.
  19. Hmmm, just had a look! May be a bit too much 4 me too, but love the concept!!! Maybe should start a psych4bikes_vic, lol!!! Not sure how many members I'll get!!!