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Is it a good time to buy a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hoski, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if it was good time to buy a private second-hand bike?
    What with fewer buyers around because most normal people are away on hols, owners wanting to get rid of their bikes for the new year, not to mention owners wanting to get rid of their Christmas credit card debt, is it a good time to pick up a bargain?
    Anyone had any experience with this?

  2. Seems to me (I have a bike for sale) that there are a lot of people on holidays that have time to buy a bike, I noticed a spike in interest (particularly time wasters) about the time holidays started.
  3. Its a buyers market right now, but im hoping that more good warmer weather it will turn the other way..................

    Im getting many time wasters too, the ones that have ridiculously low offers and the ones that dont even show up as agreed.............

    The spam SMS also annoys me to no end..............
  4. Wears a bit thin doesn't it, getting lots of "I really like the bike mate but my budget only stretches to (insert price $xxxx lower)" SO IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD MY BIKE WHY THE F*** ARE YOU EMAILING/SMSING ME??? LOOK AT A CHEAPER BIKE FFS!
  5. thats is the EXACT reason why i didnt bother chasing more cash for my old eliminator, by selling it privately.

    when i brought it around to my suzuki dealer for the changeover, they hadnt seen it yet. it was better looking condition wise than all of their second hand bikes. they gave me a reaonable amount, (i prob lost $500-$1000) but they admitted they will easily sell that bike, (and they did asap).

    plus dealers have to put a warranty on the bike you trade in, so they need to make some on it as well.
  6. ahh the joys of being a vendor...
  7. IMHO that's fine as long as they are legitimate potential buyers not time wasters, and the $ they are talking are not hugely different to your asking price. It's just a bit of negotiation on price. If your ad said fixed price, no offers, not negotiable or something like that then yeah you have a point.
  8. I agree, I am looking to get a bike at the moment and have emailed a few people. I have the cash and know what I want.

    I don't consider my offers unreasonable e.g seller asking $8000 and my offer was $7500.

    If the seller replied saying "how about $7800" I would probably take it but to not reply means to not get a sale.
  9. Agreed. A couple of the offers have been close to what I'd take, but more of them have been just plain stupid.
  10. Yes most people selling things at this time of year are desperate for cash. It won't last long though
  11. It depends on what you are looking to buy.... $5,000 if you're not looking for LAMS will get you some astonishing bargains, check out private sales on bikesales.com.au
  12. $5k got me a really tidy 2006 zx6r with a bunch of aftermarket stuff including exhaust and rearset, and close to a year in rego.
  13. you have no idea lol.....ive got no job and looking at my forth bike......i think i need to stash one bike at trents place lol.

    sooo.....i need to get rid of the cruiser and the smoker asap else. god knows how much my dog hates sharing his tiny yard with loud bikes lol......
  14. Same goes for bloody ebay sellers with "best offer" listings. I don't completely lowball them, but they reject offers and don't make any counter! Don't know why they bother.

    Talking about parts and other miscellaneous stuff, rather than actual bikes, though.
  15. Hi, I bought my bike this way. I saw it for sale, it looked good. I sms'd the guy and said I have this much if you want it you can have it he said throw in a few hundred more so I went over - he let me ride it right away and I handed him the cash and took the bike.

    I was about $1000 off what he was asking from memory. I guess the reason SMS's like that are sent is because ASKING prices are just that. Asking prices.
  16. Ah Mal that sucks. My mate was at my place today saying he's trying to sell a car to meet bills etc. This time of year can be tough. I was self employed for years so i know only too well.

    But yeh definitely a buyers market this time of year.
  17. Yeah dude, been doing this contract gig for a couple of years now...........anyway staying positive, hopefully it picks up this coming Jan/Feb. Im hopefull that I get this job I applied for last month, apparently there just one other person in the running...............

    In the meantime im back riding again and can finally ride a working bike and a bike I can legally ride :).............

    Does anyone know when its stops being a buyers market and back into a sellers market? and a reasonable price for an 2004 XVS 650 thats out of rego?