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Is it a good idea?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sidney, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Well, I can get my L's in a few months.

    Since I'm broke, and posties are cheap and reliable, I plan on getting a postie.

    ahaha anyway, would it be a good idea to paint it black, polish everything and have green flames airbrushed on? Eventhough the engine would be gutless, It would be a pretty funny head turner.

    Good idea?
  2. I like it! It's the opposite of a 'sleeper' (no show all go) - lots of show, no go!
  3. I was thinking of doing the same with a 250, my gpx to be precise. Yoshi exhaust ect, bling it out for no gain at all.
  4. nah. u need something slower than a GPX mate. the postie is an awesome idea.

    but if ur POV, u want the gear before u do the bike up.
    ur gonna need full leathers with sliders, boots, gloves. preferably all matching. helmet with tinted/iridium visor.

    decked out like that, on a pimped postie.
    i cannot think of anything more hardcore :cool:

  5. Go the postie.

    Except that's a bit less sleeper and more wanker.
  6. haha im actually considering doing it, theres a postie on ebay right now. But i have to wait until may.

    I rekon i would look pretty awesome with my monster energy MX helmet on haha

    Is airbrushing expensive?
  7. ive done table top jumps on a postie..they seem hard to kill..but also remember when learning ..u kinda want a bike that will traslates well to future bike..the postie has quite a different gear change set up then the traditional bikes and an auto clutch..my point being ..after learning to ride it..u will have to kinda relearn to ride something else later..where as if u can ride/operate a gpz250 u can ride a r1
  8. Just to add to this - saw the scariest thing on my way to work yesterday.

    Riding along, and notice the old reliable postie bike parked on the side of the road. Then I notice the twin exhausts, and i wrack my brain trying to remember if that was standard or not.... then I noticed the NOS tank attached to the rack.... and it was plumbed in too.....
  9. Blinging up a 250 will make you look like a tosser.
    Blinging up a postie on the other hand is ironic enough to look cool, I say go for it.

    Professional airbrushing can be expensive, probably be cheaper to just buy an airbrush and have a go at it yourself. Simple effects aren't that hard to do.
  10. It could be novel, I've seen done up posties and they're always a laugh.

    BUT consider, that money you're going to spend on modding it could be enough to get you a decent 250 thats faster, more reliable and just as fuel efficient.. food for thought.
  11. Posties are overpriced as it is... Sinking several hundred more into it to tart it up, I dunno. Will it get you laid? If it does, it will be by a very specific type of shiela. One who wears lots of "ironic" t-shirts in lieu of a real personality. You want to take these sorts of things into account.
  12. Do it!!! And then get yourself some sponsorship and do the Postie Challenge!!!

    And what's wrong with blinging a 250?? If you are lucky enough to find something to add some character and make your bike stand out, what does it matter whether it's a 1100 Blackbird or a 250 Kwaka??
  13. A 250 just says "I'm only doing this because I'm not allowed anything bigger" - it's the bike equivalent of fitting a huge wing and neons to a Hyundai Excel.

    A CT110 on the other hand is more like the bike equivalent of spending money on an old VW beetle or Mini. Still pointless, just not sad.
  14. If you do it be prepared for people to laugh at you....
  15. :rofl:
  16. If you do end up buying a postie bike, just make sure you keep up the postie tradition by only riding flat out along footpaths and through shopping centres.

  17. ahahaha ok.

    I definately wouldn't be able to paint it myself. I rekon I could get someone to do it though.

    Heres what I want...


    But on a postie.
  18. Oh man that looks awesome! Do not, I repeat, do not waste this paint job on a postie bike. Blaspheme!
  19. But it would be so awesome ahaha

    Anyone know the size of the postie exhaust where the muffler joins on?

    Wouldn't mind a DDR or a Yoshi on it...

  20. EXACTLY! How stupid would it be? Would be fkn awesome.
    Except I'm not on restrictions :p It would be more for stupidities sake.