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Is it a bike or a scooter?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by edgelett, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Motorcycle

  2. Scooter

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  1. Saw this at news.com.au:
    now I was under the impression that the Honda CT110 was a motorbike, not a scooter.

    so what is a postie bike?? Bike or scooter?
    Please vote & state your reasons WHY it's a scooter or bike.

  2. Technicaly it is a motorcycle as it does not have an automatic transmision...

    What is it? A CT110 is a motorcycle with a stepthrough frame and a Manual gear box and a centrifugal clutch.

    There are other examples of such design.. but I don't thik they are in production any more, if they are they would be somwere in Asia where such small bikes are popular.
  3. While the definition of a scooter is a bit blurry, i believe it should include the engine located close to the rear wheel, and possibly on the swingarm. The postie does not fulfill this criteria. But it is a pretty close call and I would not get terribly upset if someone called it a scooter. Really, I think the postie is neither a bike or a scooter - it is in a separate class all of its own :)
  4. I don't think automatic transmission is a requirement one way or another - a number of Vespas had manual transmissions, but I think everybody would agree they were scooters.
  5. Well being 'older' I'd say the CT110 is a 'stepthrough'.

    The term scooter was used for things like vespas which were fully automatic.

    I used to ride around on a bright blue and bright yellow CT50 which had scooter type fairings, but everyone still called it a 'stepthrough' *shrug*.

    The 50cc red and white version is basically the same as the one I had when I was going to uni.

  6. Lordtb recons the fact that it has a manual gear box makes it a bike...
    I know there has been a distinct bike (Not stepthrough) that has an Automatic gearbox. So what is that?

    Also arn't there manual scooters???

    The fact that it is stepthrough indicates it is a scooter, but it doesn't have that standing room style footwell...

    I'd say it is a girlie bike (Like a womens frame pushy) But then again I have seen those "I ride like a girl" T shirts, so maybe that doesn't even cover it properly.
  7. Moto Guzzi made the 'convert' which had an automatic gearbox, and I'm fairly certain that Honda made a automatic bike as well (can't remember the model though).

    Neither of those are scooters or stepthroughs though, they are bikes.
  8. It's a motorcycle 50 million times over, because Mr Soichiro Honda himself said so.

    The 'Postie' is just a fairing-less Honda C110 Super Cub, the largests of the 'Cub' family, and based on the first production Honda motorcycle ever, the 'Cub'. The name 'Cub' was said to be the acronym of 'Cheap Urban Bike' Originally 49cc, the series is the most successful motorcycle in history with over 50 million sold worldwide. It still outsells the next 4 largest sellers combined.

    Another theory on why the name 'Cub', is that it pays homage to the Piper Cub, an iconic light aircraft from the 1930s with a reputation for mechanical simplicity and reliability that Honda wished to leverage. Like the later versions of the Honda Cub, later versions of the Piper Cub were also called Super Cubs. (Of course I personally prefer this theory, being the owner of a 1946 Piper Cub.)
  9. Hmm Ok how about this for theory... It has footpags... as far as I know there is no scooter with foot pags... Though there is a scooter that looks like a motorcycle... I do wonder if it has footpegs...
  10. if it looks like a vespa, it's a scooter. A CT doesn't look like a scooter... even a burgman looks like a traditional scooter.

    But as long as they ride seriously, does it matter?
  11. Also all the controls on the CT110 are like those on any other motorcycle, where as a scoot (correct me if I'm wrong) has both brakes on the handle bars.
  12. But once again the original vespa had the rear brake operated by a foot pedal.

    Though I'm still arguwing for the automatic V manual... why?? even the first Vespa.. was as automated as it could be... the geares were changed by rotating the LHS handle grip... just like the throttle!
  13. It's a long time since I heard the term 'stepthrough'. That is all.
  14. I have ridden an automatic Suzuki. I can;t remember a thing about it except that it was a reasonable size > 500. I think maybe some odd engine size. Unfaired ugly thing. It was at least 25 years ago. And it was horrible. Impossible to get used to not having gears.
  15. So does this mean the new Yamaha XJR1300 is a scooter? :?:
  16. Honda made a version of a CB750? with an automatic transmition... there was only down for first and up for nuteral... no clutch.. I know some one who restored 5 of them tan sold them all overseas... very scary ride...
  17. Velocette made a 200cc 4 stroke motorcycle with a constantly variable transmission that the pommie police used for almost 40 years.
  18. Zackly. Thats why a Hardley granny glide and the Honda Goldwing are scooters
  19. I know a few people who are posties, and if you told them they ride a scooter they would probably smack you around the chops