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is it a 2002 or 2003?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kyan, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Looking at a bike from a dealer. The online checks I did through Queensland transport say that it was manufactured in 2002. The dealer has listed the bike as a 2003 model. It was first registered in 2003.
    Does that make it a 2002 or a 2003 model bike?

  2. The model release for a year say 2003, can start near the end of the previous year (so Nov or Dec 2002).
    For all intent and purposes the bike is a 2003 model. But for re-sale purposes if it is manufactured delivery date is in 02 then its worth 02 dollars. Even if only first registered in 03.
  3. Its an 02 build of the 03 model.
    The next years bikes from Japan start coming to dealers in Oct so if its built in or after Sep its for the next year.

    For reg you must take note of the build date regardless of what the dealer says.
  4. Unless there was a major update between years.....
  5. No matter what the dealer tries to tell you its still a 2002 model because the plate says 2002 even though it might not have been sold until 2003 - most likely with a nice dealer runout discount.

    In saying that though, it is probably more important to find out when that model was updated as new models don't always come at the beginning of the year. So a July 2003 plated bike might be exactly the same as a Dec 2002 bike if a new model hasn't been released.

    This all has to be taken into consideration when buying a bike however I would say that when a model was updated would weigh more in my choice than the actual year it was manufactured.

    Maybe post the model of bike you are looking at and some knowledgable people on here will tell you some info about when new models were released and what was updated with the new model. :)
  6. after doing further research it certainly looks like a 2002 rather than 2003.
    if this is in fact a 2002 could i use this in the bargaining process.

    suzuki sv650

  7. Yes. This is why you can now see available (in 2007) a GSXR-K8 2008 model, and similar 08 models from Yamaha, Honda, Kaw, etc. It has
    all the 08 features and upgrades, 08 vin number, 08 paint, but the
    government compliance approval date is late 07 and the first rego
    date (if you bought it) would be 07. That is a perfect example and
    it is an "2008 MODEL"

    However you can still buy old leftover GSXR-K7, with an early- or mid- 07 government compliance approval date, with the 07 Vin number, with
    the 07 features and paint. That is a "2007 MODEL" even if you purchase
    it in 08 with first rego 08.

    I currently ride a "1995 MODEL" Fzr with compliance date and rego Dec 1994.
    I know it is a 1995 model because of the compliance date, the VIN number, and the 1995 paint (trendy black, where the 94 model had
    pinkish purple, ugh).
  8. thanks for the info...

    are there any sv650 riders out there who can confirm that this styling is the 2002 model?
  9. Mate...the compliance plate tells all. It tells you the year of manufacture, Any thing anyone else tells you is all "sales" related BS.
    They promote '08 models manufactured in '07, so you can get next years model this year. Doh!
  10. The shape changed in 2003. I don't know if they both came out in 2003 but below is the later model