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Is is standard to pay for a quote?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grrrl, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. I've got my bike in a shop at the moment... after my off I got them to pick it up for me, coz it wasn't safe to ride, that's why it's there.
    I already knew I'd need new handlebars and throttle cables... the rest is cosmetic damage.

    They said they'd do a quote anyway. they didn't mention that there was any cost for a quote, but now I ordered the parts through a friend and want to pick the bike up, but they are saying i have to pay $77 for the quote!!

    Is that accepted as a standard thing?

    If I had have been aware of the charges involved I would NOT have got the quote...
  2. No, it is not standard to pay for a quote. If you had to pay for the quote, that should have been stated up-front.

    Standard practise is that a quote is free of charge.
  3. I have been asked to pay for a quote, but it's in no way standard practice. Places that do it generally don't really want the work.

    It should have absolutly been asked for up front.
  4. no you dont pay for a quote, i've had 5 quotes done recently on 3 bikes all for free.
  5. They might be slugging you for the pick up fee... The quote was free, but they came and picked up the bike from you, bike shops NEVER do that for free...

    That's what I reckon anyway.
  6. she has already paid for the towing charge, that was fine, as we asked them too do that....

    cheers stewy
  7. I'd refuse to pay, as they didnt let you know there was a cost involved when you agreed to let them quote your repairs. If they have a problem with you not paying, give Consumer Affairs a call.
  8. The pick up fee was about $70 obviously that has to be paid... the bit I don't like is that they are saying I have to pay $77 for the quote ON TOP of the pick up fee!!
  9. Yeah, well that's different. Tell 'em to stick it up their collective arses... Nicely of course.
  10. Once or twice I've had mechanics say that a particular problem was going to take some of their time to locate, and under those circumstances I was happy to pay a certain amount when I didn't go ahead with the repair.
    If they've actually done some physical work (like dismantling) to determine the extent of damage, it MIGHT be fair for them to seek some payment, but they certainly should have told you before hand.
    And definitely not if it's an insurance job.
  11. Lots of places charge for insurance quotes actually.

    But I totally agree they _have_ to be upfront about it.
  12. usual about asking upfront as above, however scm here told me that for fixing for insurance work, they had problems with people coming to get a quote and then passing that to the insurer to get a cheque and then taking their bike elsewhere; the shop never saw the work.

    Some now say that they charge for the quote and it gets credited back to you if they get the work.
  13. If they didn't say it up front, i wouldn't pay. I would think that it would be in their best interest to give you a free quote, as they are the ones wanting YOUR business. I could understand if it takes 4 hrs to strip the bike for the quote, but as others have said they should have said so up front, or at least given you a call and let you know, if they needed to to after you dropped the bike off.
  14. I've never had to pay for a quote. However, I have heard of places charging for it. If they want to charge you then they have to tell you beforehand and tell you how much, so I'd recomend politely telling them to go fcuk themselves. :grin:

    If they disagree then just turn up with a trailer, walk inside wheel out your bike and put it on the trailer. If they don't like it, point out that refusing to return the bike constitutes theft as they have no legal right to keep it. Their job was to pick it up, they've done that and the job has been paid for. :wink:

    If the still give you problems, forget calling the police, just post a request for help here. 20-50 netriders turning up for moral support and gentle encouragement might change their minds. :twisted: :LOL:
  15. and besides all that, it took them nearly 2 weeks before they even look at the bike in the first place... they would not have had to take it apart either... buggers... i might try to dispute this one then... but they might not give it back to me :shock:
  16. awww... you guys rock!
  17. Go there..... pick up your bike..... they dont give it? In front of them call "information" from your cell phone and ask the number for the local police station. (this will generally be enough)

    If they dont relent call ACCC.... any fee's MUST be notified to yourself upfront!

    Who are these people??? Where are they??
  18. Well I'm thinking of using the threat that if they don't change their mind about this cost, that I will post details of my dispute with them, and their bad customer service etc on (this) public forum...

    Expose the buggers!...

    But until i find out what the response is, i might hold off...
  19. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and from what is stated above everyone is going to have the opposite opinion, however everyone is allowed to have there own opinion we expect.

    My argument is the bike went to the bike shop to have some work done, they have spent some time evaluating what needs to be done, you are not getting them to do the work and going to take it somewhere else? This raises my question they spent sometime evaluating what needed to be done ordering parts etc, should they not be paid for that time?