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Is iron deficiency killing my riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FastR1Red, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. This may be a weird question and I did a search on this forum. Found the lunchbox thread but 81 pages,, :LOL

    OK so I've been a strict vego for nearly 3 years. When I started I made sure I supplemented with heaps of greens, silverbeet, broccoli etc.
    I guess in the past 6 months I've gotten a bit slack and haven't taken much notice.

    So here I am at Phillip Island, after the warmup I'm starting to push hard and both my arms fail me. I can hardly move my wrists and both hands are tingling badly. I can hardly pull my hand up to grab the brake lever, it's THAT hard.

    Could this be a lack of oxygen not carrying through to my hands?

    I've done a bit of research and it seems that iron is used in the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body.

    Now as soon as I back off 5 seconds a lap my hands recover in 2 laps and I do the same again. I can keep the pace for around 1 lap only now before my hands give way.

    Funny thing is it started about 6 months ago very minor and it's been getting worse, I get the same tingling in my hands during the day just at work on the computer.

    I THINK it's an iron deficiancy so I've just started taking iron tablets.

    The question I ask is, has anyone on this forum had first hand experience with this?

  2. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    In all honesty mate, ditch the pills and take high iron foods, it really is better for you. Also, go see a doc, take his advice in had THEN go and see a dietitian/nutritionist and see what they recommend - I would put much more value on the latter than the former
  3. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    Go see you local Dr, you really don't want that sort of thing happening at (any) speed. You could try talking to Casey Stoner, sounds similar to what he went through :)
  4. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    If we weren't meant to eat animals, they wouldn't taste so damned good.

    Personally, I won't eat a main course that didn't used to have a face.
  5. A mates brother years ago back in Denmark developed extremely serious
    problems,more so than yours and it ended up being traced to an Iron deficiency,by the time it was discovered
    he needed and got a heart transplant,blood test are so easy and then you will know,we blokes are notorious for not going to the cwack
  6. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    I went to give blood 9 months ago now and was told sorry mate your HB is too low, never had a clue as I felt fine. Started taking high potency ferro gradumet for 3 months to increase my iron intake and it has made a difference. I now take iron every second day with a b vitamin supplement.
    Reason? no reason I'm not a vego, just one of those unexplainables.
    Now my iron levels are higher as is my hb.
    Best thing about it is that I sleep better as my restless legs seem to have vanished. Anyone else with restless leg syndrome needs to have their serum iron levels checked. I've always been borderline anaemic but not anymore and intend to keep it this way.
  7. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    Not to mention all the other valuable stuff in meat like creatine.

    But anyway, if you've got unexplained muscle weakness, go see a doc.
  8. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    Lack of certain protein could be an issue as well, though iron is no doubt a likely suspect. A bit of lean meat is very good for you, but not as much as many people eat. Those supposedly evil animal fats are needed (but in moderation) for the proper functioning of our nervous system, IIRC.

    I'm not sure if that sort of fatigue due to lack of O2 would come without some breathlessness and an overall feeling of tiredness.

    B-group vitamins help the process of releasing stored energy too, so there's anothr place to look. Also salts and electrolytes, which you lose with sweat, so something like Staminade or Gatorade might help in warmer weather.

    There's probably fair chance it's any or all of the above. Most of which you can suss out by trying some simple things to see if it helps the problem.

    Then again, it might be something as simple as the angle of your wrists restricting the blood flow, which would affect the very area you're talking about.
  9. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    THanks for all the great responses,,,and the "won't eat a main course that didn't used to have a face"..ROFL.

    I get into the gatorade etc, heaps of electrolytes at the track but to no avail. I don't get cramps, I eat a fair bit,,,but what I've noticed is slowly over the months I've been getting tired and breathless sooner than expected..

    so smee and Wayne I think you may be onto something there.
    I used to sleep very little, now I sleep longer so I actually thought I was doing the right thing and the lack of meat was a good thing.

    Maybe I should go see a doc and get a blood test.
  10. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    No disrepsect to anyone here, but you need better advice than what we can offer, however sincere we may be. Get a doctor to do some tests on the basics and working up; you may not know it but you could be building up to something very serious and your body is trying to tell you.....
  11. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    I agree
  12. Re: Is iron deficiancy killing my riding?

    Don't you know? I'm a doctor… of awesomeness.
  13. sounds like 'arm pump' to me. google it to see if systoms sound familiar and ways to address it.
  14. Naturally, any suggestions are speculation, but since it's something that's crept up over a period of time even off the track then medical advice is a given.
  15. Nah definately not arm pump. I used to get that in my motocross days. Different area, different sypmtoms.
  16. ok now im curious, how can u 1 day eat meat all your life then all of a sudden u become a strict vego?
  17. Goz, it was a pretty terrible thing that I saw whilst on a job in WA 3 years ago. It hit me pretty hard to the point I asked work to not send me to another site like that and as they couldn't guarantee it I left the company.

    Just hit me hard that's all.
  18. I heard people are cutting their coke with creatine.
  19. i think your health issue is more serious

    go straight to the doc for a full blood!

    even a vegan on a proper diet should not be lacking in iron

    no point being a vego and not having a complete diet
  20. Yet another concerned opinion in the direction of you seeing a doctor for professional advice.

    It could be anything, although a common malaise associated with not eating meat is taurine deficiency. Your body needs taurine in order to help metabolise the food you eat. Without it you feel lethargic and get fatigued more easily. As I said before, it is only *one* possible thing to consider, and is best discussed with your doctor.

    At uni I knew a few vegos and most took an array of supplements to help them out. I was actually surprised that they were so self-aware and knowledgeable, gave me a whole different view on vegetarianism.

    Anywho, sympathies on the work incident and hop you get this worked out.

    Cheers - boingk