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Is Honda dishonouring its customers?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Sir Ride Alot, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Is Honda dishonouring its customers by not taking action or commenting on all the negative media in the recent past?

    People have spent considerable amounts of money purchasing their high tech products but where is their support?

  2. Umm...

    I asked them about that this arvo by email and they were relatively unaware of the discussion paper.

    Try telling them first maybe?

    Ditto Kawasaki motors, any major LAMS producers etc. Just send an email asking for their comment on the changes and a link to the discussion paper.

    EDIT: Hyperbole is fun.
  3. moved to "Businesses and Service Providers"
  4. It is very hard to believe they were not aware of the protest rides.
  5. :roll: I SHOULD have moved it to the bin :roll:
  6. What are you guys actually talking about?
  7. Shhh, don't ask. If they tell you, they'll have to kill you.
  8. If you're gonna kill him, can I have his stuff :)

    Also, I'm pretty sure Honda is getting right onto it :LOL:
  9. no, please don't kill him.
    i love this guy :rofl:
  10. Seriously what is this shit?
  11. Links?
  12. wtf? I want some of what he is on.
  13. Just thinking...I'd like to see a fight between Hornet and Sir ride a lot. Can this be arranged?

    Expressions of interest by both parties sought.
  14. Wouldn't work, Hornet would whinge about the referee's decision and Sir ride a lot would be questioning whether each punch thrown by Hornet would be dishonouring punching as a whole then launch into a tirade of weird insults.
  15. Could be a good fight, I'd be backing the bloke from Sunbury though, for the fact he lives in Sunbury.
  16. You don't get old in the 'gong by being soft.
  17. True - Hornet would rip his bloody arms orf :)
  18. Excellent, sounds like a good fight.

    Do we have contenders then? They aren't making a lot of noise. Go on you two, we could make it a charity event :)
  19. Probably can't happen. The public liability insurance will be expensive. I have this image of the two of them flailing away at each other and knocking down the bystanders. :blackeye: