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is he a deady bones

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. i havent told u cause i wanted to put up photo at the same time but that stray cat i kidnapped [homer, not the pretty blue one] ran away ages ago [and now tippys dead :cry: ]

    the thing is, ever since a week after he pist off i have smelt the 'homer odur' that use to lead me to put food out for him at the old place. thing is, in all this time ive put food out and it doesnt get eaten.

    i just got it again then and im not puting food out! there's no homer! what's going down here!!!!

    the window is closed cause tipp is dead so there's no way his STENCH can woft in. it was as if he walked right under my nose.

    and another thing, tonight for the first time ever, i felt tipp was asleep on the sofa where she use to sleep. she hates my smoking [which isnt a problem now .....i hope!!!] and every time i lit up she would send a vibe to me. an 'awwww dont smoke!' vibe. ive been lighting up in celebration [kidding!] all week until tonight where it happened ever time i put a fag in my mouth.

    hang on, im gunna check for full moon

    um, really don't think i should av looked out the window. there's a plant that looks like cat's ears. gave me a whoppa fright!

    no moon to be seen

    what does one make of these freaky things?

    one morning [years ago] my mother saw a dark shaddow of her cat walk along the bedroom floor. she found out the cat had been run over 4 hours earlier.

    step aside douche bag [u know who that is!] we're a coming!

    cheers :cool:
  2. Had a few too many droogs and booze methinks. :? :?
  3. When does stump get her own forum in the forum index?
  4. :LOL:

    A sub-section of "off topic", perhaps? I can see it now -
    "Netrider Forum Index -> Off Topic Stuff -> Stump"

  5. ha ha! well they didn't do

    'off topic nads'

    so they're not going to do 'off top stump'

    i dont do that many threads do i?

    anywho, after i logged off i remembered a trick i learnt in the energy field course im doing and i found her on the sofa. i did an exersize i have been taught and she disapeared. im going to have to ring my teacher cause i think you can only do it to live beings :shock:

    cheers :cool:
  6. Not really, but the insomnia threads are always a good read.
  7. 2wheelsagain wrote:


    that^^ actually happened once in another forum. but it wasnt just me, twas me and another woman

  8. That sounds like a useful skill...
    Does it work for traffic cops too? :LOL:

    im still waiting for a response from my teacher. he wasn't able to assure me he knew what was going on with that

    where did i send my cat? :oops:

    he said 'that shouldnt have happened and im going to have to ask around'

    there probably is some way you can program your intuition to send you a signal if a traffic cop is about tho. it's all a lot easier than you think, just so long as you do it properly

    cheers :cool: