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Is Harley/Buell Australia a joke or what?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by therock, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    not sure it this is the right forum, but I'll relate this story cos it's insane.
    I decided to purchase a Buell XB12ss after seeing the 08 spec bikes at the sydney motorcycle show. They had a nice red one on display.
    Went around to a few dealers in Sydney, none of them even knew that Buell had newer/better/cheaper bikes for 08 so they all tried to flog me ex demo bikes from 06 / 07 models.
    Eventually, decided to call Harley Australia who by the way have no method of getting through, every single call option goes to voicemail.
    A Lara did return my call and told me to call a guy called Scott despite not being able to be put through. Called her again and she transferred me.
    Scott from Harley told me that they had like 4 bikes that were allocated to Ballina, Blacktown, Melbourne and the ACT, and that was it.
    I said, can I purchase one?
    He replied that there would be no more orders till August 08, when they would order the 09 spec bikes.
    Now I'm no Einstein, but does that sound weird or what?
    4 Buells for the entire 2008 year. Is this a joke? Is Buell that much of a rarity?
    The reason I wanted an 08 spec model was they are part of the 25th anniversary year and that's kinda nice.
    It looks like I only have one option left if i really want a Buell, and that is ex demo or very old stock.
    Does anyone here know a bit more about this whole situation?
    Does anyone here want to order an 08 spec Buell (it looks nice with those red anodised wheels)?
    I can't even put an order through. Nothing nada, zip.
    I feel like they are saying to me: "FCK OFF with your piddly purchase"

    Are they for real?
  2. Hi there,

    Not sure about Sydney, but the biggest and oldest HD/Buell/BMW dealership in QLD (if not Australia?) is Morgan & Wacker. They are very knowledgeable and I've heard nothing but good things about them in terms of service. I'm sure they can ship the bike to Sydney if it comes to that.

    Give them a ring or check out their website: www.morganandwacker.com.au

    Hope this helps!

  3. Sorry to hear about that. I've always likes Buells. Looking at an XB12R (2nd hand) when I'm off restrictions.

    Hope you can get it sorted out mate, let us know how you go.
  4. Maybe after running those fancy 2 page ads in Two Wheels each month, they have run out of money to actually import any bikes for sale!

    I would be contacting that dealer as suggested above, they should be able to give you a straight answer
  5. My take on this is if there that slow to respond to a bike sale customer imagine trying to get parts :roll:
  6. ok, tomorrow, i'll call the morgan and whacker people, good idea.
    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am scared now, although i did like the test rides.
    Stay tuned for further updates.
  7. you actually want to buy a BIKE from harley,

    silly silly boy, dont you know they only sell lifestyle facilitators now,

    you need a cup of harley coffee - can do,

    you want any type of clothing with the harley logo - can do,

    you want a bike!!! erm sorry harley dont sell em no more
  8. I really really like the 1125R but it's not due on our shores till March sometime.

    When I made the enquiry they stated $17.5 +ORC which is a half decent price for it but alas............I've decided not to wait and I've chosen something different.
  9. OK the Hardley import thing is pretty weird and I don't pretend to understand it fully.

    It's not like all the other makes where there is 1 importer for Australia. Quite a few states have different importers.

    In NSW my understanding is that it's Frasers. So give them a call.

    A warning thought, they are numbnuts, so you may be no better off for contacting them.
  10. Update 1:
    Like gracebeey suggested I called Morgan and Whacker today and lo and behold, they have stock, at least a Buell XB12ss with Orange tones.
    Shame Harley didn't say so.
    Only problem is getting it registered as a NSW resident will be very hard and transporting it back will be tough.
    Hardly worth it since it's not exactly a collectable item.
    On top of that, the full comp insurance is like $2200 per year.
    Is that normal for a $15k bike?

    Tomorrow I'll see if I can get a NSW dealer to do a stock transfer.
    I'll post more updates as I go.
  11. This may be the case for HD, (but I don't think so as there is Harley Davidson Australia), but Buell have only the one importer, (again Harley Davidson Australia).

    therock, don't despair just yet!
    I have linked your post on a Buell forum, so more information should evolve.
    I did read that the XB12S wouldn't be coming out here next year, but that the XB12Ss was the 'replacement'.
    Maybe the focus is on the XB12STT and the 1125R ?
    Good luck on your new purchase. :applause:
  12. Thanks captain moto,
    let me know what they say on the buell forum.
  13. I love their bikes, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

    Like the previous poster said, Frasers are numbnuts. They seem to operate on the idea that you're going to buy a Buell/Harley no matter what.

    Hope it works out. Always strikes me as strange when companies don't want to take your money.
  14. I won't argue, my information is a number of years old now, it may be a bit more organized now. Still Harley Davidson Australia may just be Fraser's Hardley import business, but they may well be doing it for all Oz now.
  15. i think harley aust is williams adams...AKA CAT
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