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Is golf the most humiliating sport?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Check out the current leader-board for the Masters at Augusta, and see the BIG names lurking down near the bottom of the pack!!! Larry Mize is, I think, a previous winner (??) and he's on +14, 22 shots behind the leaders!!

  2. I would imagine midget throwing might be more humiliating...
    especially when you have a woeful throwing arm...
    I just can't post a serious post can I... what the fcuk is wrong with me? :shock:
  3. Why did they call it golf? Because all the other four-letter words were already taken.
  4. Golf - a good walk, ruined.

    Golf - Hit the ball.... Find the ball.... Hit the ball.
  5. Correct, Mize won in 87, beating Greg Norman in a play off.

    Won his first tournament in 83 - so Paul, how many jobs have you had in 25 years :wink:

    I play golf twice a year related to work - even Ambrose is boring...

    But give me Happy Gilmour Golf and I'd play once a month :cool:
  6. I play the backward version of Golf called Flog which is how good I am at this infuriating sport.
  7. I wasn't criticising Larry Mize, Alex, just remarking on the spread of big names through the entire leaderboard....
  8. Paul - AFAIK, you win one major and you can play in them as long as you want.

    Player, Palmer and Nicklaus all played the majors passed their prime and missed many cuts - but the punters wanted them there.
  9. Nup.