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"Is Fillipo Preziosi Going To be Shown The Door? Certainly Not. Is Nick Hayden Going To Lose His Fac

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Deadsy, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. http://www.superbikeplanet.com/2012/Jul/120707feat.htm

    A US source arguing for a US based rider, sure, however the article raises some undeniable issues.

    And here is another interesting article, although it's not about Ducati, some might still see some relevance here (the decline of Suzuki, the role of upper management, company policies etc)

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Audi. Will the Ducati GP team stick with "it's not the rider, it's the bike" and cycle through riders looking for the right one, or will Audi "fix" the problem?
  2. http://www.motomatters.com/analysis/2012/07/10/with_repsol_honda_due_to_announce_on_thu.html

    If Hayden does end up leaving Motogp, it will be unfortunate but seeing him race in WSBK and fighting for first against 4 other riders will be great. The racing has been great this year.
  3. According to MCN, Crutchlow is joining Rossi at Ducati, but it's not clear from their snippet on the website if anything is signed yet.


    It'd be a shame to not see Hayden on a competitive Yamaha or Honda in MotoGP, or even a sorted Duke.

    Silly season continues.
  4. If there is a positive, it's that we may see Biaggi vs Checa vs Melandri vs Sykes vs Rea vs Haslam vs Hayden... and maybe Edwards will go back too??
  5. I'll ride at 1/5th the speed of Rossi for 1/5th of his salary.....
  6. Now that would be haaaawt!
  7. I'd be more interested in who will replace Stoner in REPSOL.
  8. marquez
  9. That was announced two days ago
  10. Never heard of him.

    Don't think I even saw/heard him get a mention on last sundays MotoGP
  11. He's signed up next to Pedrosa for next year.
  12. From Moto2
  13. That explains it, I only watch MotoGP.
  14. You should watch Moto2 and 3, the races are usually far more interesting.
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  15. +1 excellent racing in those 2 classes.

    I hope if Cal gets Nickys ride then Nicky takes Cals ride at Tec3 and smokes them next year or at least gives the aliens a shake (he has already wiped 1 alien for most of this season)
  16. http://www.superbikeplanet.com/2012/Jul/120726a163.htm

    Story now is that Hayden will keep his ride.

    Edit: I reckon this adds more weight to the Rossi Yamaha rumours. Ducati can't afford to lose both Hayden and Rossi, and if Rossi is leaving suddenly they want to keep Hayden.