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Is Ebay a Viable Way to Sell a Motorbike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PeteH80, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    Got a questions for you all, I did a bit of a search but couldn't really find much on this.

    So as the title says, is Ebay a viable way to sell a motorbike, or is it just too bloated with scam artist and time wasters that i shouldn't bother with it.

    I have my bike up on bikesales.com.au and tradingpost.com.au at the moment, but i ventured into the Ebay automotive section last night and thought maybe i should list it there as well....... But..... I could really do without too much hassle.

    I have never really been a fan of Ebay, never sold anything or bought anything from there. i just hear a few too many horror stories of people getting ripped of via paypal and the like, both sellers and buyers, so i have sort of steered clear of it.

    Just wondering what other people thought, have you used Ebay to sell a bike? have you used ebay to buy a bike? would you do it again? Any tips?

    Id love to hear some opinions.
  2. Worked for me...four times in the last year or so. All experiences were very positive.

    I did have a Nigerian 'buy' my last listing within an hour of it being posted but eBay cancelled that just as quickly. Unfortunately, they don't automatically relist for you in such cases.

    As for tips, write a detailed description, provide plenty of detailed photographs and 'ask' a realistic price. i.e. the usual -- it's not rocket science.

    Be prepared to receive plenty of annoying questions. Someone will ask if you can disassemble it and post the parts one by one. Someone will ask you to confirm it's actually a motorcycle. Someone will beg you to let it go for $1000 because "money is really tight right now". Someone will ask you what color it is despite there being a dozen photos. Someone will ask you if it will beat his mate's Skyline in a race up the M5. Someone will ask you if you think it's really safe to ride on the road and tell you they'd love to buy it but their wife won't let them.

    The good news is these come in via eBays message system so you can easily pick an choose what to reply to. Don't include your mobile number in the listing. If someone demonstrates that they're not a moron via a standard message you can then call them if required.

    eBay's UI is utter crap and uploading images can be an exercise in insanity.
  3. I'd like to buy your bike but I work on an oil rig/am a ocean scientist/live in the middle east but want it for a present for my son. Etc.

    If you have a good bullshit detector then go for it.
  4. I think it's a good method of selling your bike. Just tell potential buyers that they must pay cash on pickup, can test ride or check out the bike at any time (with reserve price cash in hand!!) and that you have it listed on other sites so you have the right to withdraw the item at any time. Even if you don't reach your reserve, you can always negotiate with the highest bidder.
    Always start an auction off at $1 so you get alot of people watching your item and list it so it ends early evening on a weekday.
  5. I've always set a realistic starting bid in the hope that it will discourage as many halfwits as possible and three of them had a reserve price. I don't have any real data to indicate the best approach.

    FWIW, I've always managed to sell mine sight unseen.
  6. I list on eBay and nowhere else.

    The auction set-up is a breeze and the search terms are very broad. Try searching for "CBR" on eBay and then try the same thing on Bikesalespoint. Apples and Oranges mate.

    List your bike so that the auction ends about 10pm or so on a weeknight early in the week (lots of people go out on Thursday and Friday nights) and be very broad with your title description. Use all the available text. And lots of crisp images.
  7. Also you can upload more images to a free service like photobucket and link to them using html in the body of your ad - assuming you have basic html skills.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys.

    Ill have a look and maybe list it on there as well.
  9. I've sold a couple through ebay as well - if you were thinking of trading in your bike and just want to get a new bike now, list it as an auction with a realistic reserve similar to offered trade in price. If you are a little more patient and want a slightly better price, list it as "buy it now or best offer" - either way I found it much faster than bikesales/trading post with a larger level of enquiries too.

    Yes there are a few idiotic messages but both of mine sold sight unseen with no issues - one paid by direct deposit before travelling from melbourne, the other in cash. Best of luck.
  10. Ebay is a good way of selling things including bikes (I've sold several there) if you've got good ebay feedback.

    If you're a new user with 0 feedback then your sale will attract less buyers and they'll be more cautious of what you've said.

    I sold my last 2 bikes sight unseen to interstate buyers based upon my photos and descriptions but only because my feedback is 100% positive and several hundred in total.

    Don't get me wrong, you might still sell your bike as a new ebay user but people will want to see it in person and check it out more closely.
  11. Well I sold my first with 0 feedback and now have 100% positive with just the four transactions.

    I'm not trying to be contrary just pointing out that in my limited experience it's not required.
  12. A few people have mentioned finishing the auction later in the evening or early morning, why?
  13. Because, it being an auction, people will try and run over the top of each other in the last minutes. So, you want to try and finish at a time when most people are available to monitor progress and bid.
  14. I have bought both my bikes via ebay
  15. Just be careful of the fact that Ebay force PayPal (ScamPal) now. It is so ridiculously favoured towards the buyer, that they can basically just say "he took my money and ran" to reverse the transaction. At that point, you have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt (and wait awhile) before you get your money again.

    Try to get them to pay by bank cheque if you can.

    Chances are though, if they speak English and personally collect the bike, they probably aren't scammers. With the rego changed there and then (fill in the forms together), and a picture of the licence and forms, you should be pretty safe.
  16. Yeah you will get scammers contacting you - the simple way is to not let the bike go without payment being cleared to your bank, not paypal account etc - I wouldn't even bother accepting bank cheque - the buyer has to go to the bank to get it anyway so just ask them to get the teller to transfer the money directly to your account and release the bike once the funds are clear. If you or they lose the bank cheque it will take much longer to sort out. The teller can transfer funds to any Aus account.

    I have always said in my ad that bike will not be transported etc and that the purchaser themself will need to collect in person. Sight their drivers licence when they come and with the above funds cleared you should not have any problem whatsoever.
  17. Yeah direct deposit is good too.

    Pretty sure that even if you clear and withdraw the funds from your PayPal account, they can still reverse it, where your account will just charge your bank account or CC to pay the debt you now owe PayPal.

    Of course, less of a problem when you have them collect it with a rego papertrail than if you let some international courier pick it up and take the only piece of evidence you have over to Asia.
  18. I only ever deal with direct deposit when buying / selling stuff online.

    Make sure money has gone completely through prior to letting go of the vehicle and also best to see them in person so you can get all paperwork done more quickly :)
  19. I have sold three bikes. Interesting that they all went sight unseen but the new owners were quite happy when they picked it up. I am honest with the faults.

    I have one on there now. I have found it easier than bikesales because people buy it sight unseen more and therefore you have to show it less.
  20. Double post