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Is dealing with Citylink a headache for everybody?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by IseeGreen, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Apparently you can't get E-tags for motorcycles so that must mean everybody is paying their Citylink and Eastlink trips online. I am wondering if I am the only person that finds it confusing as hell and struggles with it???

    First time I used it a few months ago (eastlink and citylink). I went online simply wanting to spend 5 minutes of my time to pay and get on with life. Then I find that I can't pay for citylink travel on eastlink website but can pay for eastlink travel on citylink website by way of a "Melbourne Pass". So I purchase melbourne pass and enter in the time that I want it to cover me for which was 1 or 2 days despite it saying everywhere the pass is valid for 30 days (wtf?).

    So finally think I have it finished then I get billed again for something else. I call them to find out why and get some smug Filipino that somehow tries to tell me the melbourne pass is not actually a pass but just gets you into the system or something and then you pay for the travel on top of that... So the pass is not actually a pass.

    So whatever I don't live in Melbourne and consider it's all over.

    I had to travel on both roads again the other day. Try to login to citylink website and buy a melbourne pass. I don't know what it even does (as it's not a f'in pass anyway!) but I assume I need it... Pin incorrect... So I click the forgotten pin button and it sends me a new one. The new one doesn't work either. So I call them hoping to simply pay.

    Smug Filipino again. "Hi I went on citylink the other day and want to pay". Try to buy a melbourne pass. He says thats not recommended as its for 30 days (but I bought one for 2?). I say it's the only pass that covers eastlink and citylink together. So anyway I can't do that as it is now after 3 days. So I will get an admin fee (a fee for doing their job?).

    I tell the guy I tried to login and pay. He says you can't because your not a member. So I ask why I have statements and emails from citylink and reset pins in my inbox? "The system probably thinks your a member". At that point I lost it and hung up.

    The whole thing just seems so confusing that I can't believe it exists.

    A pass that is not actually a pass!
    A website that you already registered with but you can't login to!

    I ask him if they do Etags for motorbikes and he says no and you must pay online like this... but it won't let me.

    So am I just really stupid or does everyone find this whole citylink bussiness to be as confusing and un-user friendly as I have.

    Perhaps it is simpler if just paying eastlink or citylink instead of trying to pay for both, I don't know but it seems they should start 3 day short courses for the public on "how to pay your citylink bill".

    Why can't you just go online type in your rego and pay the thing!
  2. Do this thing: CityLink | Open an Account

    They bill you monthly, you can also set an auto top-up. Easy peasy. There are no tags for motorbikes.
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  3. I did that the first time a couple of months ago. The email is still in the autofill and theres a bunch of emails in my inbox from then with pins but when I try to login it is failed everytime and the guy on the phone says I don't have an account.
    Im probably going to have to call them again. It's such a pain in the butt
  4. Try a Breeze account then - same thing but eastern FWY, and it will cover all freeways. Fcuk Citylink.
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  5. They are a shit to deal with.
    When I got the new bike I promptly updated my tag account to remove the old Rego and add the new Rego - all pretty simple online.

    I then used one of the tunnels about 7 days after the account update. Then again 2 days later.
    The next week I receive two 'urgent action required' notices 2 days apart in the mail.
    Threatening account suspension, both inclusive of an $11.50 'admin' fee for a travel total travel cost of ~$14 (should be ~$2 for tunnel one-way on bike)

    So I get on the phone - first time speak to a guy who gives me the run around but eventually agrees I updated my details correctly and refunds the fee
    Second time get a girl who is utterly arrogant and indignant. Refuses to acknowledge the error, refuses to allow me to speak to an escalation point.
    I end up calling through to Breeze direct and open a dispute - the woman is very helpful and states they will 'go into bat for me with Citylink' - apparently this happens a lot.

    So yeah - stupid system, disconnected with poor account (to no) replication.
    I'd hate to be their information architect.
    They need a new one.
  6. +1 so much this

    Beaten to it by ReesaReesa
  7. I just got off the phone to Eastlink. So nice to talk to an Australian that wasn't being an asshole. I asked him if he could explain the breeze account thing. You guys obviously know how it works.
    I only planned on using the tolls every month or two. The guy said trips could be as low as 20 cents. So giving them $40 doesn't really sit well with me. Especially with the $13.40 auto topup effectively being $13.40 I will never be able to use.
    He said the only other option is to buy passes on the site but it brings me back to square one of not being able to pay for citylink on eastlink website and having to use citylink website to pay for both roads... which I cannot do right now because I can't login and my Filipino buddy couldn't care less.
    I think in future I would rather filter through heavy traffic rather than go through this experience again and waste any more of my time. Perhaps it is no problem if you are using the roads daily and comfortable with the $40 setup and $13.40 of dead money.
    Thanks for the answers anyway people.
  8. No worries, but remember... it's only $13.40...
  9. I tried adding my bike to my Breeze account. Went through the process of quoting account No’s , D.O.B. etcetera. Didn't recognise any of that. Then tried quoting the Rego of the two cars with the breeze tags stuck on the windscreens that do the "successful, you have credit" beep. Was told there are no vehicles with those registrations on their records. Told them that both cars are driven along their toll road several times each week and I don't receive any "Pay Now" letters and the top ups get debited to the bank account I just quoted you, I can see the transactions on the abnk statement in front of me. Still denied I had an account. Thanked the surly lady and hung up.
    Abilty to debit bank account: 10/10.
    Customer service: Not in this Universe.
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  10. Probably no help to any of you local to Melbourne, but......
    when I discovered the business of going down the Mornington Peninsula to Sorento(?) and getting the ferry to Queenscliff, allowing me to dodge the whole of Melbourne and its complexities, it was like heaven on a stick.
  11. Hmmm, I have NIL trouble. I've got Citylink for the car with a tag, and a tag less account for the bikes with Breeze. Auto top up happens when I get down to a certain level, and I go on from there. Add cars, add bikes no problem. Change credit card (old one got spammed so cancelled it), no problem. Son's fiance's car is on account; so is mum's, no problem whatsoever.
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  12. Actually that's a pretty easy route to avoid tolls on anyway
  13. #13 Al_Cam, Dec 14, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2015
    My frustration was have no problem with 2 cars in use including auto top up. But add tagless bike (actually I would have even been happy to stick a tag somewhwere that would work on my bike)? Sorry you don't exist. Perhaps the customer service rep was over serving people and didn't want to do any more work that day.
  14. Maybe... Could be better to have the bike and car accounts separate, as someone suggested. Mine are separate too.
  15. In defence of Citylink (disregarding the usurous charges, but I'm a shareholder and rely on you guys for my dividends) I find the account management easy and seamless. Adding or removing vehicles is a two minute log on to log out exercise, with motorbikes being easier than cars to add or remove. Since I often get a loan bike when Battlestar Galactica is in for servicing, the loan bike is put on for a specific time without any angst.

    And using Eastlink has never raised an issue with whatever I have on the Citylink account. Just my experience, anyway.
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  16. No issues with citylink and I add and remove cars/bike/number plate like a drunk on a big night out.

    I don't have auto top up though. So maybe that's the way to go for better service, they don't automatically get my $$.

    My account is suspended about every 2 months and I just make another payment and off we go again lol...
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  17. Obviously auto top-up is much easier, and you can get notification (email) every time that Citylink use it.
  18. Just. Don't. Trust. Them.

    Or most others.
  19. Not a problem using Amex: they would reverse an erroneous charge without hesitation and require justification from the company. It has worked for me since Citylink commenced operations.
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  20. My Citylink account keeps getting wrongly charged because there's another BMW Motorcycle out there with a close matching Rego Plate. 800GS I think.
    They have put a watch on my Bike's Plate so it does not happen again.
    After sending in a photo of my bike, and swapping about 20 emails for 6 months, my account keeps getting wrongly charged.
    If you want to know what a Company is run like, just look at the Guy at the Top.
    If he's a lazy, retard, Dimwit, then you can be pretty sure the rest of the company will have a similar approach to their work.